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If you have been following any of my posts in the last few weeks you would have heard me banging on about a new South African skincare brand called Skoon. Its an all natural skincare brand where all the products are made by hand with amazing ingredients like pure plant oils, rich butters, delicate floral essences and botanical extracts. I absolutely love the simplicity of the packaging and I am totally obsessed with the products.

When it comes to Skoon you can get a skin analysis so you can work out which products you need to mix and match for your skin type or just pick which is your area of concern from teenage skin, large pores, dull, oily or normal. The brand is all about mixing and matching or add the drops into your moisturiser like I do to create your own. Its all about custom blending as you go so if today your skin is dehydrated then you can add an oil or if you have a breakout then you can mix it up.

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I got a choice of one of the tester packs that only costs R100 so you can work out what is right for your skin. I went for the testers for mature skin because I am only months away from turning 40. As I have gotten older my skin gets dehydrated and needs richer creams and loves any kind of facial oil so the Glow Drops enriched with Jojoba, Vitamin E, Damask Rose and Rose Geranium have been amazing for my complexion.

I loved the drops so much that I purchased a big size version because I literally need them in my life, its a key part of my skin care routine and I can add into any moisturiser. What I didn’t realise is that if you spend over R500 you get a free gift so when I ordered I got the Overnight hydrating mask too!! Happy days all around. I absolutely love the mask you apply before you go to bed and leave all night and wake up with beautiful skin. Its almost like a thick cream that makes you think that your skin will be greasy in the morning but it literally melts into your skin though the night. Enriched with a blend of organic coconut water and wildflower honey, nordic marine extract to entrap water molecules and hydrates while you sleep.


The rosehip C+ concentrate is amazing for winter, for older skin, dry skin and if you suffer from scarring. Its a potent skin booster Formulated with Organic Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn, Pomegranate and Carrot Extracts – rich in firming Vitamin C and anti-oxidant carotenoids Lycopene and Beta-Carotene.


I absolutely love the floral spritz toner which helps totally refresh my skin, renew skin and is great to spritz over makeup throught the day when you need a little pick me up especially when its super hot. Its enriched with rose, neroli and elderberry infused extracts and Vitamin B3.


I tried two of the creams in the trail pack the double thick cream and super moisturiser. I am totally in love with the super moisturiser known as the one and only containing three key lipids: sterols, ceramides and free fatty acids which are essential to making making tired dull skin look amazing. I have been mixing the glow drops with the moisturiser every morning and my skin has never looked better.

The double thick cream means saying goodbye to parched skin and its perfect to add into your night time routine, if you have dry skin then this one is definitely a goodie during winter. Skoon believes its all out restoring moisture to make your skin care more effective because no matter what you are trying to target if your skin is dehydrated none of your skin care will work.

The hot cloth cleanser is also another favourite its a combination of organic shea and pure cold pressed African oils. Its rich and almost has a buttery fell but leaves skin feeling so amazing. The key ingedients in the mask are organic shea, organic beeswax, apricot, marula, Vitamin E, petite grain & thyme and lavender.  Once applied you take the hot cloth with warm water and then wipe away all of the product to leave super soft skin.

I really love this brand so much that will definitely be trying out some more products, I am really all about natural skin care because I do have sensitive skin. Check out their site and read all about the brand and see how it can work for you.

Shahnaz x


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