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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

We are looking for amazing looking skin and before I became a makeup artist I would think how do those models have skin like that? Well now I know so I can share with all you lovelies. There are so many ways to cheat that glow and I like to mix up products and try new things all the time. The key to looking amazing is getting your skin right and I know I do harp on about it but its really true.

Glowing skinWhen cheating that glow you don’t even have to use a highlighter to look like you are have naturally glowing skin and if you love the serious glow here are some products that can get you there. Remember skincare skincare skincare and by just using the right moisturiser it can help get that glow unless you have already got oily skin. I love the Dermalogica Active Moist this is the first step in achieving the glow and really all you need to do is apply your foundation and your skin will looking amazing before you do anything else.

Elizabeth Arden 8HR cream is so much better than using a clear gloss because its not so sticky and can look so much more natural apply to top of your cheek bones, on your lids and your lips and your face will be glowing or alternatively if you want it a little more natural then maybe try vaseline.

Clear gloss on your lips really can transform your whole face and just add a beautiful glow without much effort my go to gloss is the Mac Gloss Creme Brilliance but any clear gloss will do.

glowing skin 2I┬álove to add some oils to the skin remember if you have oily skin this isn’t for you but Mac Care Blend Essential Oils is amazing for that subtle highlighting on the top of your cheek bones. I used the oils on a shoot last week and it just transformed the models skin making her complexion look super radiant.

glowing skin 1Last up I love face mists and yes I know I bang on about it all the time but spritz some after you have applied makeup or through the day and voila you are cheating that glow. There are loads on the market but I really love the Mac Fix + so do all the models.

Shahnaz x