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My fight against pigmentation is my main skin focus right now. After having kids, being on the pill and working outside on shoots in a hot climate my skin has suffered for it. Hyper pigmentation is so hard to get rid of but I am determined to win the battle. I looked back at pictures of myself about 6 years ago and my skin was pretty flawless. It was definitely me being slack with keeping my face out of the sun plus not enough sunscreen. The South African sun is harsh and its definitely something I didn’t pay enough attention to.

For those of who have been following me I have introduced Retinol into my skincare routine. Not sure why I have waited so long to use it but so glad I have. Retinol is so key for healthy skin its known as the anti-aging superstar. Its a key ingredient for addressing various skin concerns, from wrinkles, uneven texture, breakouts and hyper-pigmentation. Retinol promotes skin renewal, brightens skin tone, reduces acne, and boosts collagen production. If you are like me and are really struggling with any of these skin concerns consult a dermatologist. This is where money needs to be spent rather go for something that has a higher concentration.

I started using the Environ Focus Care Retinol serum a couple months ago and even had my first Retinol facial. The skin takes time to adjust to retinol as there can be side effects. Each step helps the skin adjust while the Retinol dosage increases. I have been on Vitamin A for almost 2 years slowly increasing the dosage on my skin. Retinol will definitely take my skin to the next level and am taking the next steps with Lamelle over the next few months.

While increasing my Vitamin A on my skin I have also introduced Lamelle to help combat the pigmentation. The aim is to stop any new dark spots from forming and to lighten them as much as possible. My hope is that I can get rid of it completely but lets see what happens. With that in mind I introduced the Lamelle Ovelle D3 supplements bit 6 weeks ago. An anti ageing pill that deals with preserving collagen, elasticity but also hormonally induced pigmentation and the appearance of malesma. I am so excited to see the amazing effects over the next few months.

I can already see the pigmentation has started to break up on my cheeks. There are definitely no dark spots forming and they seem slightly lighter. I just need to make sure I really protect my skin from the sun and wear SPF 50 daily.

I introduced the Lamelle Correctives Brighter Serum into my routine a while ago. It contains a combination of melanin inhibiting ingredients and potent antioxidants to help reduce the formation of dark spots. Key ingredients such as Decabutin inhibit melanin production without affecting cell damage and sun sensitivity. The Ferulic Acid is a potent anti oxidant that fights against free radical damage. Ingredients like Tumeric plant extract inhibit pigmentation production and Licochalcone A is anti inflammatory and soothing to the skin. It super hydrating as well so skin feels amazing and radiant after application.

I am excited to announce I have been sponsored by Lamelle and Loveit Spa to help with the battle against pigmentation. I have already started the full skin journey almost 3 weeks ago. I am purely using Lamelle for my hyper pigmentation and have been the last 3 weeks. Over the next 4 months I  will be chatting weekly about my progress and the products. I have already had my first anti-ageing peel and in the next couple weeks will be having my Lamelle pigmentation peel. Super excited for this and can’t wait to see the results.

As well as incorporating the supplements and brighter serum.  I have introduced the Lamelle Luminesce range (for pigmentation and melanoma), the Helase 50 sunscreen and Vitamin C serum into my skin routine So fingers crossed it all works. My skin is definitely looking really healthy and really glowing just like I love. Of course will be going into depth about the new products added so watch this space.

Shahnaz x