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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I was recently asked about my go to product as a busy mum that I can’t live without. Well actually I currently have two products that are my glowing skin combo that makes me look fresh and naturally glowing. Ultimately its all about great looking skin and as the weather changes we need to change up the products we use. By combining my Prevage Anti Ageing foundation SPF 30 and my Bobbi Brown Golden Glow Illuminating Moisture Balm I have amazing looking skin. My tan is slowly fading which means pale skin for me which trust me isn’t a good look. With these two bad boys I look so healthy and my skin looks really flawless.

The Prevage Anti Ageing foundation (R695) is not a new one by any means but I rediscovered it while sifting though all my blogging products. I am so happy we have been reunited because this one truly is a bad boy of foundations. As well as helping diminish the signs of ageing its infused with Vitamin C that really is what the skin needs during harsher months.  Plus the prevage anti ageing foundation contains one of the most potent antioxidants ( Idebenone1) an anti ageing complex that helps repair skin.  Its seriously hydrating and gives my skin a flawless glowing finish. The prevage foundation definitely evens out my skin that’s covered in freckles and pigmentation by blurring all the imperfections. The result is truly gorgeous and one I will definitely buy again and again.

Combine the foundation with the Bobbi Brown Golden Glow Illuminting Moisture Balm (R905) and you have yourself a double winner. The Bobbi Brown illuminator not only illuminates the skin but also acts as a primer.    The balm comes in 3 shades bare glow for the lighter complexions, pink glow for the pink undertone complexions and golden glow for medium skintones. You literally need a pea size which I blend with my foundation and apply all over. Alternatively you can just use a moisturiser or just highlight the key points on your face. Its a skin boosting balm that gives a gorgeous glow. As well as a burst of hydration and long term skin benefits that helps improve dull looking complexions.  Yes it is pricey but its gorgeous and really does the trick with making my skin look really good.

So here is me at Afrika Burn on my bday all bejewlled up with my glowing skin combo on and my skin looks pretty good if I do say myself.

Happy Shopping.

Shahnaz x