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Hydration Hydration Hydration is the key to summer skin. Being in the sun can be harsh on the skin especially if you burn but your skin can also get dry and dehydrated. I am currently in the sun and already I can feel my skin needs serious hydration. As well as being on a long haul flight the combination of flying and the sun my skin needs a boost. Here are a few items that are winners to helping soothe your skin but also keep it glowing amd super smooth.

If you didn’t catch my glowing body post then here it is where I featured my favourite body moisturiser the Nivea Rich Moisturiser then click here. Its seriously hydrating and perfect for after being in the sun all day to sooth skin with the Almond Oil, add back the moisture and leave your skin glowing and feeling really smooth. It won’t break the bank and is that perfect holiday essential.

Oils are definitely my favourite for restoring skin, adding hydration and soothing at the same time. I am totally loving my Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil for dehydrated skin. This has been my go to as soon as I got off the plane to try to restore my skin and after I have been in the sun all day. Its got 100% pure plant extracts with rosewood and blue orchid to revitalise and hazelnut oil to help restore moisture and of corse help with signs of ageing. I apply in the evening after my shower before applying any serum or moisturiser. The oil comes with a pipette and trust me you don’t need a lot just a couple of drops and then massage in your face.

Exfoliating is so important any way but even more so when you are tanning as it will help remove dry/dead skin so that you are left with a glowing complexion. The Dermalogica skin prep scrub has been my go for overseas travel as it helps leaving my skin super smooth so that all my other products can work. The corn cob meal granuals are fine so don’t scratch your face and leave skin feeling fresh and smooth.

The Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Mask for dehydrated skin is a must have for holiday skin care and long haul travelling. This new bioderma range is for dehydrated skin and is amazing. The mask is definitely my favourite in the range as its a creamy mask that you can apply for a 10 minute hydration boost or over night to really give your complexion a boost. As soon as I got out of the sun yesterday I applied this mask so that by the time we went out for dinner my skin was feeling amazing.

What’s your favourite holiday skincare product?

Shahnaz x