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Its that time of year that you want to change your makeup and get glowing and a little bit bold. I already chatted yesterday about the new light Estee lauder Double Wear Water Fresh Foundaton that super light for the weather change. But not only should you switch up your foundation you need to look at items like lipstick, bronzer, blush and switching up your eyes. Even your skincare can change going for more hydrating products especally if you live in a hot country. This post is all about a few of my spring makeup essentials and inspire you to switch things up a little.

Spring Makeup Essentials

When it comes to skincare I love something that will hydrate and add a gorgeous glow before I even get to my base. The Filorga Supreme Regenerating Lotion (R700)  which is for hydration and radiance is perfect for spring time. Its super light and offers long lasting hydration. Skin feels so good after application you really have a gorgeous glow before you even apply your highlighter. When it comes to a change of season and the weather gets warmer look for items that will hydrate and add that extra radiance.Perfect for dull complexions especially after the winter months.

Bold lips is definitely the way to go to make everything fresh, awake and add that extra dimension. Of course you don’t need to spend a foprtune byt the new Chanel Rouge Allure No 4 is absolutely incredible on. Its a gorgeous classic red that will lift most complexions. Even if you are not a fan of wearing base you can conceal and just add your lippie its always a game changer with makeup.

I love anything bronze, copper or golden for spring and even summer. Of course there are a million to choose from but I love the Mac Expensive Pink deluxe pearl shade.  Its got a metallic finish so its adds a little pop to your eyes.You can swipe across your lids or add some extra dimension along the bottom lash line. The eyeshadow is a combo of gold and rose gold that is so pretty on.

Bronzer bronzer bronzer is the perfect way to add warmth and definition to your face. I have posted about the new Elizabeth Arden FourEver Bronzer which is a combo of bronzer, highlighter and blush. Its the perfect all in one. I love to swipe both the bronzers along my cheek bones and temple to really add definition but add that extra tan to my skin. Its a great way to cheat if you feeling tired and your complexion is dull and on the pale side. Plus add a pop of blush to add warmth to your cheeks and you are good to go.

Last up I love a face mist to fix everything in place but also refresh throughout the day. I absolutely love the Clarins Fix Make-Up Mist (R385) . Its super hydrating and keeps eveything in place on a hot day. Living in Cape Town you get crazy random hot days so I need my skin constantly hydrated. The Grapefruit and Vitamin C helps brighten and boost your complexion as well as controlling shine.

What’s your spring routine?

Shahnaz x