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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am off to Europe on Thursday for nearly a month and I cannot contain my excitement.  I am busy prepping and packing for my long haul flight so I thought why not share some of my essentials for the flight and what I will be packing on my face to make sure I stay hydrated.

I am loving my new Woolworths cosmetics bag its allowed me to be super organised and get everything in without taking up too much space. A large bag is always required to pack it all in so I will be taking my huge tote bag with all my stuff crammed in. Before I even get to the beauty side my kindle is an essential I literally can’t live without it thanks to my amazing husband buying it for me for Christmas. I take it every where with me and can download a book any time I need.

In flight 1Now for the beauty side you really need to pack it on as much as possible because when I fly my skin isn’t a happy chappie. My complexion gets dry and just feels horrible if I don’t follow a beauty routine. Remember you need to get that makeup off before you sleep so some cotton wool pads and my Bioderma Sensibo H20 to make sure my face is clean and then a spritz of Avene Eau Thermale spritz before I sleep and in the morning to add some extra hydration.

If you didn’t catch my Barbor Skinovage anti stress cream post this bad boy is coming on the plane with me as its known at the jet lag cream so all the damage that is caused from flying this cream will put the love right back in.

Also if you hair is feeling a little greasy before you get off the plane then a dry shampoo will be needed which ever one doesn’t matter but I do like the Lee Stafford one.

InflightDeodorant isn’t the sexiest thing to talk about but it is an essential, I love Dove deodorants always have and always will, I always smell fresh and its a product that has just never let me down.

Before I sleep I am loving the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa, it leaves skin feeling super fresh and really hydrated by the time morning comes around, and if I am am wanting to go all the way then I love to apply the Sampar Midnight mask which you can apply and then remove in the morning.

Last up eye cream, I don’t know about you but my under eye area really struggles and gets seriously dehydrated so the Vichy Aqualia Thermal awakening eye balm is perfect for me. Its super refreshing on application and gives all the hydration I need.

Shahnaz x