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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I came across the mono shop this morning after trying to find clothes rails available in SA. As soon as I hit the site I couldn’t stop staring at everything and wanting it all. Its all about super simple decor that looks cool and so contemporary. Of course I bought the rail for my spare room and to house lots of new pieces that just don’t fit in mine anymore. But now I find myself back at the site wanting to buy some more pieces.

If you are looking to add some extra bits into your home or looking to give it a complete makeover there are some really cool pieces here. A clothes rail is perfect if you are in a small place and have way too much stuff. My spare room has no wardrobe and rather than spend a fortune building one the rail works perfectly. There are 3 colours to choose from white, cream and black and retails at R1950.

I absolutely love the wooden peg board¬†and seriously considering purchasing this one. At R750 you really can’t go wrong and it would work perfectly in my bedroom, There is still a lot of space on the walls and even though I have some prints and a mirror I still feel it lacks something. This board is perfect as you can mix it up with a plant, accesories and really anything to add some different textures to the room.

I love the prints and definitely fancy a couple of them but the copper frame caught my eye as I love a rose gold feel. You can choose from 4 prints embossed on black paper I think it would work perfectly in my office. There are others to choose from on the site and all pretty affordable.

I love the idea of the mini prints for my kids which are basically R25 each. I have been wandering what to put in my son’s room as there is quite a lot of wall space. I am definitely going to print a few a make a collage and frame them. There are loads of cute ideas for your kids rooms whether you fancy a teppee or want some cushions to add.

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There are alternative lamp ideas but the one that I love the most is the copper industrial lamp that would sit perfectly on my office desk. I like its modern feel and would work perfectly with my white frosted glass table top and the copper print.

The site also offers a blog with inspiration, get the look, decor tips and even free downloads. Perfect if you are trying to save money so definitely one to check out. I love the calendars, christmas crackers and prinatble cards. So if you love a bit of DIY then go check it out.

Shahnaz x