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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am all about the bold lipsticks and usually I reach for a red, orange or a bright pink but when I laid my eyes on the new colours from Smashbox Tabloid jumped out at me. Smashbox are bringing out a whole new range of Be Legendary lipstick shades in matte and cream much to my happiness covering pretty much all your skin tones.

The Tabloid shade is your vibrant purple kind of shade that has a touch of blueness to it and totally matches my tanned skin at the moment. Its definitely a shade that works for a darker skin tone and will also look pretty bold on a paler skintone. The best way to work Tablod is either by going for simple makeup like I am wearing or with a black gel liner on the eyes that still looks cool but doesn’t over power the lippie shade. Contouring is also key when working this bold lipstick its definitely important that the face has structure as its makes the lipstick really stand out even more.

We will be seeing trend bold colours and goreous nudes from Smashbox going from 19 to 38 shades with a much bigger red selection which I am so happy about and a 90’s revival where the shade Tabloid definitely fits in. Plus you won’t need to invest in a lip liner for every shade as the Always Sharp Clear Lip Liner is also coming our way to ensure no bleeding of bold colours.   Its a universal liner that creates a barrier on the lip to stop feathering and bleeding as well as helping lippies retain their vibrant colours.

smashbox clear liner

If you are a lippie lover like I am you will definitely want to check out the new cool colours from Smashbox next month especially if you love the Smashbox Tabloid shade.

Shahnaz x