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I love it when my mum comes to stay because she is always full of amazing healthy food ideas. I am the kind of person if I find something that works I stick to it but it can get pretty boring. Breakfast for me is so important because I am starving when I wake up I am starving. Plus I need fuel to get me through the morning and not snack on rubbish. This new healthy breakfast I have been trying is all thanks to my mum. Everything in the ingredients is totally natural bought from the health food store with some fruits added in for flavour.

I am so rubbish at getting the right things in my body. Even though I am trying to keep weight off I have to make sure I am getting goodness into my body as well. So what’s in my breakfast thats so amazing???


health breakfast

Linwoods flaxseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds that can be used on fruit salads, porridge, eggs the list is endless. You get your omega 3, protein, zinc and vitamin E in this mix. I also add Raw caco nibs into the mix that tare known as “natures chocolate chips”. They are packed with antioxidants and fibre that add that extra flavour. I took the two packets mixed them together and keep them in a tupperware box and then take 2 tablespoons of the mix per serving.

I then take a handful of Rude Health Musli Nutty crunch and I literally mean a handful. Its fruit free with no refined sugars plus 7 whole grains.

I mix this with low fat natural yoghurt and fromage blanc that I got from wellness wharehouse with no added preservatives. The fromage blanc is thick in consistency so makes it a bit more filling than just the yoghurt on its own.

To finish off the dish I take a handful of raspeberries and blueberries then mix everything together with my spoon and voila a tasty healthy breakfast.

Its so important what we are putiing into our bodies so we are not only putting this ingredients on the outside but also on the inside.

Shahnaz x