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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I was asked the other day what my New Year resolutions would be and to be honest at the point I hadn’t really thought about it but since thinking about it I have made a list of how I want to improve my life, my work and my blog. So here it is with some new additions that will be happening to Shahnaz Loves Beauty:

1) Exercise more is really key for mind and focus I have already started with the amazing Bikini Beach Body Work Out (ladies you need to try it) but now its time to get to the gym and do some serious cardio. I already invested in an amazing pair of Nike’s so I need to make good use of them.

2) I definitely want to improve shahnazlovesbeauty and add some new features there will be a What I am wearing post each week I have been wanting to do this for a while but just got round to doing it and will definitely be adding a fitness/lifestyle elements in among all the beauty. Filming video’s has been hard to get done in my shoot schedule so I will be trying for one a week starting next week.

3) Drink more water is always on the list I have been pretty good but need to up it to 3 litres a day. Ladies and gents if you looking to improve your skin and get that healthy glow then no look no further people its all about the water.

4) Spend quality time with my family and try not be on my computer 24/7 being a makeup artist, beauty blogger and importying jewellery with my sister means a crazy work schedule. So it will be all about better planning of my life.

5) There will definitely be more weekend edits happening its not always been something I have managed to do but I will definitely be trying to add posts on a Sunday for you all so every day is covered on shahnazlovesbeauty so you never get bored!

Hope you all had a great start to the year.

Shahnaz x