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photo shoot gorgeous skin trio

When it comes to photo shoots I like to keep it simple with the skin products that I know really work. For this shoot for Truworths I used my photo shoot gorgeous skin trio that really works for me. You can add in a skin illuminator as well to add more glow if you want. I try keep my pro kit as compact as I can especially when I have to do hair as well and have a few bags to carry around. Over the last 9 years of doing makeup I have actually changed up products I use. I have narrowed it down to what works on photo shoots to create a good picture. Plus skin needs to look really good. The trio I used here is the Mac Prep and Prime Natural Radiance, Mac Face and Body Foundation and Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

TheĀ Mac Prep and Prime Natural Radiance really works a treat for prepping skin. Its a combo primer and moisturiser so seriously hydrates the skin giving a gorgeous glow. It really makes applying your base so much easier as the foundation just glides on. The natural radiance also helps with oil control and helps smooth your skin. Infused with Vitamin C and E protects with antioxidants, while the caffeine calms the skin as well as illuminating pearl powders give that radiant skin. What’s great is they have now introduced two shades the yellow for deeper skin tones and pink for fairer.

The Mac Face and Body Foundation is a sheer lightweight foundation but makes skin look really amazing. If you struggle with redness, dark spots etc that is where concealer comes in to help. If you have really bad acne then this won’t be the one you will definitely need a fuller coverage. Its definitely a foundation that you can build the coverage if applied with a sponge or brush. Its truly a moisturising foundation that gives a glow to the skin that I love.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer has never let me down and I love that there are so many shades available especially for lighter skin tones. For the darker skin tones then Mac has those extra shades that Bobbi Brown is missing. I have the foundation/concealer palette for shoots so I have access to all the shades. The concealer really is a beautiful one best applied with a blending brush. By applying with a brush you can help conceal your redness etc as foundation a lot of the time doesn’t do this for you. Apply under the eyes, around your nose and on cheeks, forehead and chin.

To set everything make sure you add a setting powder in areas needed especially if its hot or you are prone to shine. Make sure its lightweight and doesn’t cake your skin and still has a glow. The powder will also keep the makeup on for longer.

Shahnaz x