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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

My skin after a work out usually looks like a beetroot I go crazy red and it takes some time to go down. After a hardcore work out I like to apply a mask, spritz my skin and apply something that will give my skin a glow and really wear nothing too heavy especially in this crazy summer heat we are experiencing.

The Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque really cools my skin down, its not heavy at all and gives my skin back the boost and hydration it really needs. Its great when skin is stressed out or dry and dehydrated. I always find after working out my skin has taken a beating so this one is a winner.

The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is perfect for the post workout skin, it really helps sooth the redness which I have plenty of. It gives an instant boost of moisture with refreshing extracts like grape and toning rosemary as well as organic mint balm and mint essential oils. I am always so hot after a workout and even if I have a cold shower I am still crazy hot. This spritz really helps cool my skin down with all the minty freshness and adds a glow to my skin.

I do love a glow on my skin so adding a little brightening serum helps with this. I am loving the Elizabeth Arden skin illuminating serum which helps creating luminosity  so by the time I get to my makeup my skin is soothed, smooth and glowing.

Last up my base really has to be light, whenever I try put on a heavy liquid foundation my skin just doesn’t love it. I love me a lightweight texture so the Chanel Healthy Glow fluid is perfect because it gives me coverage and leaves my skin looking radiant. I normally just apply with fingers but if you want to build up coverage then just use a brush.

What’s your post workout routine?