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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I just got back from my oversease trip attending my crazy friend’s wedding but of course on route I managed to squeeze some shopping in. I have been a little obsessed with rose gold for some time now and it started with jewellery but now its shoes and make up brushes. If you haven’t spotted the new metallic Superga rose gold shoes then get a load of these bad boys. They just look amazing and I had to have them. Lucky for those of you based in SA you can get them at Superbalist. They are the perfect touch to adding some bling and pop to your outfit even if you going for really casual.

rose gold

I am totally in love with Zoeva makeup brushes and even though I have a load for my pro makeup kit I just needed some more for my personal stash. It was getting annoying having to take brushes from my kit so when I spotted these pretty rose gold/pink brushes I knew I just had to have them. Sadly they are not available in SA yet but if you have a contact overseas then they are worth the investment. I got these Zoeva Rose Golden eye set from the website where you can get your hands on a whole load of Zoeva goodies as well as a whole lot of other brands. The brush set has every brush I will need to create the perfect eye and brows and they are just oh so pretty.

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What’s your latest purchase?

Shahnaz x