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September Base

Holidays are over and its back to work but its Spring in Cape Town and the sun has been shining meaning one thing for me its time to change my base and take it from a medium coverage to a lighter/sheer coverage so in comes the BB Creams.

I am always on the search for BB creams’s that will give me some coverage but also leave my skin looking and feeling beautiful and the two of my current favs are the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream which won’t be breaking the bank at R99.95 if you looking to get one for yourself and then a much pricier one the Dior Hydra Life BB Creme┬áretailing at R770 (but its Dior right?).

The Maybelline Dream Pure BB has been on my radar for some time as I first saw it being used backstage at fashion week and the model’s skin just looked amazing and that is what I am always wanting for myself. Its a 8-in-1Beauty Balm with a nice coverage from light to medium you can build it up, it helps even out my skin tone, my pigmentation and is so light on the skin. I get the dewy finish I want with that healthy glow we all looking for and even though I have a little holiday blues I feel good about my skin wearing this bad boy. The BB Cream hydrates, brightens and helps fight against spot prone skin as well as an SPF of 30 so a winner all around.

Dior BB creams are pretty much praised as the holy grail’s of BB Creams so when I hear that I forget about the price because its Dior and I want it.This BB Cream is an enhancing moisturiser with the protective powers of a skincare product with a complexion-perfecting and skin-evening properties just like a foundation. You can build this one up from sheer to medium either using fingers, a sponge or a brush. Personally I am a fingers kind of girl when it comes to my own makeup as I like more natural looking skin. It feels like velvet on the skin, evens out my skin tone and leaves my skin looking amazing its definitely going to be one of my go to’s this summer as it will also protect me against those harsh rays with an SPF of 30.

If you going for that fresh skin look then keep the rest of your makeup simple. Fill in your brows, curl those lashes and add lots of mascara, keep cheeks fresh with a peach or pink blush, make sure you add some bronzer to all your key contour areas and go fo a pretty lip like an orange, coral or a pink this will make your skin look even more fresh.

Watch this space as will be using one of these BB ceams in my Sports Luxe Makeup Tutorial.

Shahnaz x