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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its another month gone by and I can’t quite believe that its September already. It makes me happy that living in Cape Town Spring is here so good weather will be coming our way. I had an amazing August of learning new things, having so much fun in London and getting super fit. I am so excited for this month ahead of me with my new business I am working on so its time to get my head in the game and get busy. So here are my September goals and I really hope I achieve them all:

  1. My most important goal for the next couple weeks is my kids. I just did a 2 week trip away from them which is great for me and my husband but they really missed us. Definitely looking to plan a weekend away with my family by the beach and just relax. The most important thing for me is balancing family and work and giving my all to my kids.
  2. I really need focus on my blog this month expecially after being away and taklng a little break from it. I stress myself out if I can’t post 5 days a week but sometimes its just not possible. There are so many new poducts that have landed on my desk which I need to shout anout and film some videos. The focus this month is new products, hair tutorials and a real focus on fitness and nutrition. I have been excerising like never before and want to continue that way. Plus I have found some amazing recipes to help with weight loss so definitely want to share those. I realy need to work on my blog instagram account as I have been trying to focus on so many things.
  3. I am launching a new business with my amazing friend called My Boutique Retreat we will be focusing on wellness retreats in and around Cape Town. Please go like our facebook page and follow on the stories we will be posting each week till the business launches later in the year.
  4. ¬†When it comes to shoots this month I really want to focus on hair I have a new story coming out in Lucy’s magazine showing some of my new skills I learnt in London. Practice makes perfect and I am hoping to create some really beautiful work this month. I learnt some cool tonging teicks in London this past month so watch this space.
  5. My blogging photography skills need some serious improvment to hoping to up my game on that this month and bring some pretty pictures your way.

What’s your goal for September?

Shahnaz x