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This shot with Sonja was for a personal project of mine. Was sitting at my computer with bloggers block and then hey presto it hit me. Share with my readers my current favourite beauty routine with the model’s I work with. Its all about how to achieve this gorgeous glow that I love to create. I love skincare so much that it just makes sense to share as many tips as I can especially now winter is here.┬áThis post is all about that beautiful glow and really unless you have bad skin the base part is actually the least important part of the whole routine. I am all about layering skincare so by the time it comes on to applying foundation its glides on beautifully. Plus you just need to just apply a touch of base because everything looks amazing. For those of you have skin issues then blend your concealer over where needed.

Skincare routine

I always spritz the skin with a mist because firstly everyone loves something that smells good and it just relaxes the model. My favourite at the moment is the Urban Decay Hydra Charged Quick Fix spray beacuse its smells of coconut and reminds me of being on holiday. The mist adds in extra hydration and extra love to the skin by balancing and invigorating your complexion. Its literally heaven in a spray.

I try different combinations to see what works best and Mac skincare right now really works for me. I still absolutely love my Embroylisse moisturiser that will never leave my kit. However when I need to make skin look super hydrated and dewy I use 3 Mac skincare products (all bought by me by the way). Before I get to the moisturiser part I mix both the Mac Lightful Marine Formula Essence Serum and the Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumiere. You can use both by themselves but together they are a winning combo. Literally skin looks so beautiful you want to cry a little with joy.

I think it really depends on the model’s skin when it comes to applying moisturiser. If they are dehydrated then its definitely the Mac Mineralize Charged Water Gel Creme. It feels like its wet and just melts into the skin beautifully. Plus what I recently found it is it comes in a spray rather than the pot I have so definitely one to get your hands on. A newbie to my collection is the Clarins Hydra Essential Creme Desalterante and new to Clarins its absolutely gorgeous on your skin. It moisturises, and plumps thirsty skin in need of hydration. It protects your skin of dehydrating effects from change in climate. Plus your complexion feels so super smooth and soft and just in a word gorgeous.

For lips and eyes I have two favourites at the moment the Filorga Nutri Filler Lips and Mac Fast Response Eye Cream. The Fiolrga Lip Filler seriously hydrates lips which is always a must for shoots. I always find that all the models have such dry lips so this one is a goodie. I was lucky enough to get the Mac eye cream from Mac working back stage on fashion week. I have always used my Dermalogica Total Eye Care but this one is my current go to. The Mac Fast Response Eye Cream has a gel texture that totally melts and hydrates your under eye area instantly.

So I decided as I am in the giving mood I am giving away one of my favourite the Embryolisse Moisturiers to one lucky winner. So here is how to enter:

  1. Tell me why you need this moisturiser.
  2. SA residents only.
  3. Like my Facebook page Shahnazlovebeauty
  4. Competition closes Friday 9th June 2107.

Shahnaz x



  • 7 Jun 2017
    Natalie M

    I have been trying to get my grubby little paws on the moisturizer for ages, so many bloggers have raved about it. I have only heard great things and I know a lot of models also swear by it. Holy grail item.

  • 7 Jun 2017

    I dont have FB but ill try my luck anyway…

    when i used to work at woolworths, id always sneak some of this on to my face when no one was watching lol

    It feels wonderful, and smells wonderful. It feels like simple yet luxurious skincare, and using it is like a mini spa treatment.. The texture is rich, creamy and almost whipped. I have a sample size that I keep in my purse so I can dab a small amount all over my face at any time of day. It is an instant brightener.

    However the full size is totally out of my budget and my sample is about kaput!

    Im currently pregnant at the moment and have noticed some discolouration in my face. This has been my only saviour.

    With all the baby things ive been buying i havent even had time or money to spend on myself.

    This will be just what i need to get my confidence back and help me feel great during my last few months before baby arrives.

    Love your blog. I read every article as soon as its emailed to me.

    Keep well and stay amazing!

    Love Jade

  • 7 Jun 2017

    With the winter months upon us, I’m really searching for a moisturiser that will indeed moisturise my skin. I like the versatility of this one (just googled as I haven’t heard of the brand before)…it sounds amazing.

  • 9 Jun 2017

    I take after my grandfather who had terribly dry skin so I really battle with dehydration. As soon as my skin dries out I get breakouts and allergies so I definitely need to keep it well moisturised.

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