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skoon glow duo

SKOON really is a brand that I really love and with anything I have every tried I have never been let down. I love that is all natural with non toxic ingredients and I just love the quality. My SKOON glow duo that really makes my skin look amazing is the SKOON WOW-WOW WONDER Serum and the GLOW DROPS. Together I just can’t go wrong. The drops have been a fav of mine since the brand launched but when I added in the serum I could really see the radiance and glow.

For those of you who don’t know the brand its proudly South African. The brand was created because the founder Stella said “We do not accept that good, effective skincare needs to contain parabens or any toxic ingredients procured at great expense to the environment, and at the expense of women’s health and well-being.”

Whats’s SKOON all about?

All SKOON products contain a variety of pure plant oils, rich nut butters, exquisite floral essences and botanical extracts sourced from all over the world.

SKOON. Means clean in Afrikaans. The essence of the brand is honest and pure. The brand believes in kind, clean and ethical procurement and production of all the products in our natural skin care range.With recycling encouraged in a big way.

The SKOON WOW-WOW WONDER Serum (R489)  is new to my skincare stash. I actually chose it because of the Vitamin C which is vital in my routine. I love testing out products wih this key ingredient and immediately fell in love. The serum has a triple blend of Hyaluronic Acid which know is key for hydration to the skin. Plus the Vitamin C to boost moisture and brighten the skin. As well as Phytic Acid which is actually  the gentlest AHA and also full of antioxidants. Phytic Acid can help neutralize free radicals, and that’s why its incorporated into skincare products designed to brighten pigmentation.

The SKOON GLOW drops (R199) help revive tired looking skin giving you a dewy complexion. Face oils are a fav of mine to add that shot of hydration to the skin. I love to add the drops in with a moisturiser so if you are not a makwup gal you will have gorgeous looking skin. You can even add a drop into fountation if you want that beautiful glossy looking skin.

The key ingredients in the drops is Squalene which is a highly effctive emollient and natural antioxidant, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, assists with UV damage and helps lighten pigmentation. The Vitamin E a key antioxidant in the drops helps with moisture, naturally works to neutralise environmental stressors that destroy collagegen and increase ageing. Love.

Massage into your skin with either fingers of a face roller to really get the blood flow to the skin. Love my SKOON glow duo and definitely recommend to add your skincare stash. Next on my list is the SKOON Rosehip C+ Concentrate. If you have never used the brand before go check out their site

Shahnaz x