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Oral B Pro ExpertIts been a month since I started the Oral B Pro Expert Trial and I have to tell you all that I am totally converted. From the get go I could feel the toothpaste had more of a I have just gone to the dentist feel. I love the flavour its slightly minty but not strong at all so I have now persuaded my husband he needs to try too.

Oral B 2After using for the last few weeks with my new Oral B toothbrush my teeth feel fresher for longer and seem to look a bit whiter. I feel after having used the brush with the paste they just feel really clean and the brush really gets into all the places.

I have never suffered sensitive teeth so I can’t comment on that respect but one of my fellow bloggers Candice from In My Bag told us at the Oral B event last week that when she swapped back to using her old brand her teeth felt sensitive so she went right back to the Pro Expert.

Gum disease runs in my family so I have to be really careful. I found with my previous brand I would still have slightly bleeding gums after brushing but with this one after really giving my teeth a good brush there is no blood at all and my gums don’t hurt so I guess its doing something right for my gums.

If you didn’t get a chance to read my first post when I had just started using the Oral B Pro Expert then here is a little info. What makes the paste so good is the Stannous Complex ¬†a flouride¬†which other brands don’t have, with a no compromise behind the design of the tooth paste. The paste gives such amazing results as it covers all areas that people suffer with like heat and cold sensitivity, tartar control, fight’s bacteria, helps with gum issues, staining and bad breath.

I attended a panel last week that went into great detail into the paste and showed us live demonstrations on the Pro Expert compared to other brands and this one wins hands down. What was really interesting was that people that exercise create more acid that causes erosion of the teeth and I have noticed with my sister’s crazy exercise routine that the front of her teeth have been affected. A normal paste just can’t deal with this issue where as the Stannous Fluoride has acid resistance and has 3 times more the level of erosion protection so I will be taking her one to try out as her paste is clearly not working!

Brusing your teeth twice a day for the recommended 2 mins will leave your teeth with only 3% plaque which is ther same as if you left the dentist because your teeth are cleaner before you go to bed and will make sure stains don’t come back.

Even though its a little pricer than other brands at R36 its well worth it as our teeth can’t be comprised and there is nothing worse than bad teeth.

Try it out and let me know what you thought?

Shahnaz x