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Sunday morning pamper

Sundays seem to be a morning when I can get a little me time and a pamper. The Sunday Morning Pamper changes every so often when I find new products or get sent new products to try out. So this morning my pamper is all about catching up on the gossip and makeup trends and basically feel like I am at the spa.

When I am going for a full pamper I go the extra mile with my hair so a hair mask is always in order to give me locks some love and a boost of moisture. My current fav is the Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Q10 Time Restore Treatment, so whether I am taking an extra long shower or a bath its my way to treat my hair as I blow dry and damage my hair every week. Its a treatment that helps boost the hair’s natural keratin synthesis, which sounds pretty good right and after use my hair feels like silk.

A body scrub is a must for my pamper, somehow it just makes your skin feel amazing and just feel better afterwards. I went on a Body Shop Sale Haul and the Coconut Body Scrub came home with me, it smells of summer so what better way to start your Sunday smelling amazing with unbelievable soft skin!

I have got so many face masks I am starting to lose count, a face mask is one of those items that has become a key staple in my beauty routine and what I love to do on a Sunday morning after my shower. I always feel I need extra hydration and I swap the masks all the time depending on what I need. I am trying the Elements 03 Hydrating Therapy Mask so that’s what I am doing today giving my skin a hydration boost. Its a deep moisturising mask with Hyaluronic Acid and Filagrinol which helps restore the skin. Fresh skin on a Sunday morning especially if you have had a late one is the only way to go.

Painting nails is definitely a pamper and its something I don’t get a chance to do myself very often. Again I have polish coming out of my ears firstly because I need every colour for my makeup artist kit and I also get sent a lot to play with. I love the new L’oreal Infallible Nails as they come with the polish on one side and the top coat on the other side so this morning I am going for a nude shade the Forever Minx shade. I will do a full post on these beauties next week so watch this space.

Sunday morning pamper 1

sunday morning pamper 2

I love my Grazia and I buy it every Friday without fail and Sunday’s is when I normally get to put my feet up and have a read. Its my way of catching up on the gossip and beauty trends and see if there are any products I have missed out on.

What’s you Sunday morning pamper routine?

Shahnaz x