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After being overseas and totally over undulging on nachos, pasta, bread etc etc I stood on my scales and nearly fainted. Somehow I had managed to put on 6 kilos and with summer fast approaching that’s not great. Especially when I spend my life around model’s I needed to get super motivated. Its so hard getting your head in the game to start your diet or change your way of living. You really have to see it as a long term goal. I literally have been having a stern talk with myself the last few months. Finally my head is in the game. This may not work for everyone but it works for me as I can’t live on a high fat or carb diet. Its all about the protein for me. In the last month I have managed to shed 3 kilos which is pretty good going and I have another 3 to go. Its not easy and you have to have will power but if you really want it then go for it. This post is all about my tips on how to lose weight.

I have pretty much taken the Dukan Diet¬†and made it my own as the Dukan can be pretty hardcore. Its a high protein diet but with a few bits and pieces added in. The trick is always be prepared where ever you are and packing snacks is really important. Being on a shoot means most of the time the food is really unhealthy with bread, muffins and croissants being the food available. Plus its usually a guy that’s done the shopping and they are not thinking of their beach bodies. Eating every 3 hours is really important. There is nothing worse than feeling like you just can’t do it anymore and you need that crips or dognut that is sitting there calling your name.

My typical day consists of eating a bowl of wheat free porridge, fat free milk and blue berries. Its so important to add certain foods into your diet. Blueberries make the porridge so much tastier and they are packed with antioxidants. The porridge is my daily carb and helps me get through the morning. Blueberries are also a great snack but remember only a handful.

I pre pack snacks like chicken breast pieces or boiled eggs mixed in with a tea spoon of mayo otherwise its just too bland. Other good options is tuna or cottage cheese. The whole point to be healthy is that you enjoy your food as otherwise there is no point. If I am starving in between meals a tea spoon of peanut butter works a treat. Make sure you go for the no added sugar one as lots of them are full of sugar. Fabulite do great fat free yoghurt options as there is no added sugar so even though the woolies ones taste great they are swimming in sugar.

Water water water is so important and the easiest way to make sure you get a litre and a half in you is to carry a bottle. I find its the only way I drink water as let’s be honest its a boring drink. Fill your bottle every day and carry with you where ever you go. It helps with weight loss and its also great for your skin.

Portions need to be small and our biggest problem is when we are hungry we pile the food on our plates. After a week your body starts to get used to the smaller portions and it does get easier. I eat lots of fish with a small amount of salad and veg. Basically stay away from any form of potato or butternut. Sometimes I just eat fish for dinner as I try and keep my evening meal the smallest. My salad I had yesterday had a few chicken pieces, peas, beetroot and some bulgar wheat which is OK to have sometimes. You can see its a small portion and that is really a key trick when trying to lose weight.

Shakes are also a great way to help you on your way but normally I can only manage 1 per day as I need real food. But to make it more tasty you can add some fruit to the shake. The Herbal Life mix has so many options to make it better my best is apple and cinnamon. Alternatively I have been using the Barre Body Organic Protein Superfood shake perfect with as small banana for breakfast.



Remember you do need to exercise about 2 hours a week but if for some reason you can’t weight loss will still happen as you are what you eat. Hope my tips on losing weight helped inspire you if you needed a little motivation.

Shahnaz x