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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Next week I am off to Italy for one of my best mate’s wedding and excited can’t even explain how I feel. Obviously I am passing via London which means online shopping was in order. Of course I needed a new dress even though I have at least 50 in my cupboard!!! Plus some extra beauty bits for my personal stash and pro kit so here are a few bits and bobs that I purchased this week:

Sandro is definitely one of my favourite fashion brands that is French in origin and just makes dresses that are right for me. The blue lace dress is my dress for the wedding and a treat for me as it cost a pretty penny. Its perfect for any kind of event and one that I can wear again and again. I even got a deal on the white dress as for a selected period Sandro were having a private sale so I got 30% off. That’s the great thing about shopping overseas there are always great deals.

Even though I have a load of brushes in my kit its time I actually have a stash for myself. I have moved home and am redesiging my makeup area in my bedroom which means new brushes for me. Since I am such a lover of Zoeva brushes I decided to go for a Rose Golden eye brush set which is so very pretty and is all mine. Of course while I was browsing on the website I came across the Zoeva Graphic Eyes set which has 16 eye liner colours in every shade perfect for my pro kit and maybe a few that will land in my personal stash.

Shahnaz x