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Yay I am off to London tonight for an amazing fun packed trip including a stop in Ibiza. But first things first I will be doing quite a bit of beauty shopping starting from tomorrow and there are a few items I am wanting to get my hands on as well as a stop off at the Mac Pro store. I follow a lot of overseas bloggers and am always on the look out for soemthing amazing that I need in my personal stash or in my pro kit and here are the ones I am lusting after:

1) Charlotte Tilbury has launched her new Magic foundation that I am definitely excited to go try out at Selfridges. It promises flawless and poreless long lasting foundation with the benfits of a luxury cream so I am hoping its as good as it says.

2) is always full of amazing tips and a recent post shared what the pro makeup artists can’t live without. The Hourglass foundation brush is definitely in my lust list as ensuring a seamless finish and even though its a bit pricey at £45 if its as good as they say its coming home with me.

3) Liz Earle is one brand that I haven’t tried before but have always heard such amazing things the Instant Boost Skin Tonic has deginitely caught my eye. The tonic promises to sooth and brighten skin as well as adding moisture which is always key when I am doing a face. I am always looking for products that can add an extra glow so I am hoping its going to be as good as everyone says.

4) Kiko is one of those budget brands that I really love and the stand alone store is right by where I am staying so I am hitting that too. Their lastest collection Midnight Siren has some gorgeous pieces with the Skin Pearl Illuminating Bronzer is calling my name. I love anything that highlights and bronzes its definitely my go to products to create an amazing complexion .

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