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shahnaz-Trend Makeup 2014

What an amazing week for me I got to do my first Elle Main Fashion shoot doing hair and make up, and I celebrated 5 years of marriage to my amazing husband. So here is the weekly recap and a new trend makeup 2014 video I came across:

1) I didn’t actually go the African Rainforest but my husband treated me at the Arabella Hotel and Spa to this 15 step treatment where its all about hot and cold from a eucalyptus steam, aromatherapy sauna,cold forest mist, hot and cold reflexology foot spa and the amazing Rainforest shower beds. Putting the body through these different hot and cold elements helps deal with a whole load of things like circulation, sleep issues, lymphatic drainage, flushing away toxins, detox and whole load more. Its an amazing treatment that I have never experienced before.

2) Elle’s 18th Birthday Issue came out this week where 13 models were given a word on a t-shirt and styled around the word and then we created hair and make up to go with that word. I was one of the make up artists on the shoot it was a crazy day and I will be sharing the looks next week. Click on the Elle Birthday Link to check out the video.

3) I came across this trend makeup 2014 video on perfecting the eyeliner shape and creating a graphic eye made by SpaceNK on one of my favourite beauty sites featured on which is an amazing beauty website. This video takes you step by step on how to create the graphic eye to make it easier to create at home. Its a modern and edgy take on the feline flick and I love it.

4) I attended a Bobbi Brown event in conjuntion with BeautySouthAfrica to get taken through the Bobbi Brown looks and I got my eyes on the new Nude and Nectar range which of course I purchased the new shimmer brick which I am loving plus I bought the Pretty Powerful Mascara where the money gets donated to abused girls so a worthwhile cause.

Hope you had an amazing week.