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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

My week has been pretty muched focused on working on my personal project for the Val Garland course I am doing but there have definitely been some highlights and some favourite new and old products. So here it is all packed into one post my highlights for the week:

1) I am so excited to say that Benefit hits South Africa again mid July. I have filmed a little video for you all announcing the news plus chatting theough some of their cult products and showing how they look on. My Benefit product of the week is on of my favourite bronzers Hoola, so watch this space as it will be coming your way this Monday.

2) I have been waiting for my Zoeva rose gold brushes for ages and now I finally have them. My sister bought them back for me from London and they are just gorgeous. A full review will be live next week but I have to say I have found my favourite liner brush ever its just amazing.

3) My skin has been a little crazy of late but the Barbor Anti-Stress Cream has been my saviour. Its called the jet lag cream because its so amazing for restoring back stressed out skin and I tell you my complexion is very happy this week. Watch this space for all thr amazing skin care products from this German brand.

4) My fav brush this week other than my new Zoeva brushes has been the Mac 180 duo fibre face brush. Since watching Val Garland in action on creating different looks for an editorial and watching her use smaller brushes for the base I worked the 180 yesterday for my shoot to create gorgeous looking skin so thanks Val for the tips.

Hope you had an amazing week.

Shahnaz x