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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

This week I have been trying to be super healthy while on holiday and testing out some new beauty products, so as always I share with you the highlights of my week all in one post:

1) If you didn’t catch my makeup tutorial then click here to check it out. Its all about bronzed eyes and skin with a pop on the lip so whether its summer your side or winter this look works any time of year.

2) My shoot for German t-shirt brand Saint Noir came out this week, it was all about textured cool hair and beautiful contoured skin with a smoke on the eye. For the hair I tonged the middle section of the hair after prepping with heat defense and spritzing with hair spray, then I took an inch at the bottom with a flat iron to make it look more modern.

3) My new food obsession this week I got from the bikini project on Its an amazing start to the day that will give you loads of energy and tastes oh so good. Its a wheat free porridge with banana’s, strawberries and Chia seeds sprinkled on top and a splash of fat free milk.

4) Sadly I couldn’t make the Billion Dollar Brows launch but I got the amazing universal brow pencil to play with and I love it. I am not one for filling brows but this one seems toreally work for me. Watch this space next week for a full review.

Hope you had an amazing week.

Shahnaz x

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