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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its that time of the week again when I share the highlights of my week, whats new, products I am loving and pack it all into one post. So here it is:

1) Earlier this week I was flown to Joburg for some new product launches from the L’Oreal group. Even though I am not a massive fan of fragrances I found one that is really pretty and one that I could definitely wear. Its the Flower Bomb by viktor and Rolf its so very pretty and very light.

2) I started my 4 week trial of the Skin Republic anti-ageing collagen infusion masks. Its 2 masks a week for 15/20 minutes a time with moisture boosting marine collagen and elastin with Vitamin E to rejuvinate the skin. Watch this space as will be posting the results at the end of the month.

3) My new fav skin product for the week is from a new South African brand Skoon is the Glow Drops. I have been mixing in the drops with my moisturiser every morning to give that extra glow to my skin. The drops are a blend of flower essences and Phytosqualan that gives extra nourishment and a soft luminous glow to the complexion.

4) Thanks to the ladies at Retailbox I got the Billion Dollar Brows kit to play with that includes their amazing universal brow pen, brow gel, the duo pencil, smudge brush and a sharpener. Its an amazing brand with amazing brow products to ensure your brows are perfectly groomed at all times. Watch this space next week for a full review.

Hope you all had an amazing week.

Shahnaz x