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I have been struggling to sleep the past month for the first time ever in my life and its not been fun. I would either lie awake for hours or wake up at 4am and just can’t sleep. Taking sleeping pills definitely isn’t an option maybe here or there but definitely not every night. I am definitely into anything natural so after asking around and reading some blogs. I now have found natural remedies that help you sleep and work a treat. I tested them both out together and even my insomniac husband slept like a baby.

Here are my two natural remedies to help you sleep:

One of my good girlfriends suggested Rescue Remedy as her fiance struggles with sleep as well. It comes in either drops or a spray I opted for the spray. You spritz twice into your mouth just before you sleep. The Rescue Remedy  totally helps you relax and helps you fall asleep. Its a combination of 5 flower remedies that was created to help people deal with emergencies and crisis. It seems to work pretty fast too as I have struggled to sleep lying there for hours. With this bad boy I have been able to fall asleep but its not kept me asleep all night. Combining both the rescue remedy and deep sleep I have had better results.

My latest purchase recommended by A Model Recommends is the This Works Super Sleep limited edition spray. It has both the deep sleep and super sleep spray. Spritz either spray onto your pillow before you sleep and I promise you have never felt so relaxed. I actually felt my body get heavy as I got so comforfortable in bed. I could feel myself drifting off and had the first night of unbroken sleep in a month.

Both sprays contain the signature deep sleep super blend of lavender, camomile and vetivert. The super plus is a new formula that is meant for the restless sleepers which is definitely me and my hubbie. I tried the plus formula last night and I was out cold due to the essential oils that knock you out. You can barely smell the oils its so subtle but it seems to work.

The origional Deep Sleep Spray is meant to improve the quality of sleep, delivering an intense burst of fragrance to calm your body and mind. Perfect if you have a busy day ahead. I felt great when I woke up this morning and the great thing because its natural you don’t feel foggy like a sleeping tablet makes you feel. The Super + was created to help restore sleep patterns which I really needed as my sleep is all over the place.

The spray is at 3x the potency of the deep sleep with the fragrance releasing gradually over 8 hours and increase sleep by 2more hours. I can 100% vouch that is exactly what it does as I have been waking at 4am. Today I managed to sleep until just after 6. Happy dance right now. The spray’s are not available in SA so get someone to order for you if you can as its amazing.

Shahnaz x