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With my new braiding skills that I have recently aquired its really important to have great styling products.Its all about having good grip and real control of the hair. This post is all about my two new fav hair products for styling hair that make my life a whole easier when it comes to making some hair magic. During my braiding training course my amazing teacher showed by how best to prep the hair to be able to control and grip. Trust me when you not used to braiding its hard to keep a handle on all the pieces and can get frustrating. These two bad boys the Evo Haze Styling Powder and Wella Eimi Cream Grip make my life so much easier.

The Wella Eimi Grip Cream firstly smells amazing which is always a plus when it comes to hair. You want your model to already feel comfortable when you begin the process. A little goes a long way with the cream so take a pea size amount rub your fingers together and then apply into the roots of the hair. It really allows you to get a handle on the hair and gives the roots a gloss as well. LOVE IT.

wella grip cream

The Evo Haze Styling Powder is a dream to use, I did chat about some of the amazing Evo products last month. What I love about the powder is that it doesn’t make the hair unmanageable and tacky like some hair powders. I literally dust on roots and on the lengths of the hair which makes it so easy to grip all the pieces.

Hair styling

On yesterday’s shoot for MRP I used both of the styling products to create the boxer braid. My model Mila has lots of hair which can get tricky as you get lower down and the pieces become much larger and harder to grip. Both amazing and definitely worth the investment if you are looking for new products for your hair styling kit or you need new products to help style your own hair with ease.

Shahnaz x