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When it comes to hair styling there are endless brands and it really can become pretty confusing. Do I spend a lot or do I buy a drugstore brand? I always get my tips from other hairstylists I work with as they know what works best. My friend and colleague Alet always has her finger on the pulse so if she has it I will most likely take her advice. In this post I am chatting about my new hair styling hero’s that have been added into my pro kit.  New to the SA market is Not Your Mothers brand and Wella have finally introduced a drugstore range. Both are amazing and affordable and make hair styling super easy.

Not Your Mothers a US brand was created to give salon quality products that achieve modern stylish looks but at affordable prices. The range is pretty big with the range covering shampoo’s and conditioners plus a whole load of styling products. In this post I am chatting a bout two products I have added to my pro kit but I have been using some of the products at home like the knotty to nice conditioning detangler works a treat at getting my daughters knots out. Which is seriously a mission and a painful process.

The Not Your Mothers Sea Salt Soft Waves Sea Salt Spray (R139.95) is a winner for styling hair to give that extra volume and great if you are creating a beachy wave. Its one of those products that you can style wet hair and give yourself beautiful waves. I love this particular spray because it doesn’t leave the hair all crunchy but soft and super hydrayted. Its basically a wave enhancing spray that adds texture, body, and separation for a tousled look while also hydrating hair with aloe extract. You can either apply and let it air dry or apply and then scrunch your hands through your hair using a diffuser for extra volume. The scent is tropical banana so its also great to the senses as well as your hair.

I love love love the Not Your Mothers Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Powder (199.95) its pretty much the best on the drugstore market. It does what it says on the bottle and gives serious volume to hair. Perfect for hair like mine that’s super fine and needs so volume love. Apply into the roots and rub in and work the volume magic. If you have fine hair that refuses to what its told you need to get your hands on this bad boy.

I am so happy to say that Wella have finally brought out a drugstore range that everyone can afford. Their pro range is amazing but a lot of people just can’t invest in expensive hair styling products. The range is still pretty small but you can get your hands on some amazing mousse’s and hairsprays. There are 3 mousse’s in the Wella range I went for the Ultra Stronghold and Volume because that’s what I needed for my kit. There is also one for curls and waves so if you are tonging hair this may also be a good one.

The Ultra Stronghold mousse (R74) is water resistant, it doesn’t leave hair feeling sticky and its got heat defence. Load this one up into damp hair and blow dry to lock the product in and then style away. If you are tonging hair this is better that loading your hair with hairspray as it makes the hair sticky. Once you have blow dried your hair then you can either leave it or then tong to get a gorgeous wavy hair that should last you the day. I got mine at Clicks so definitely worth checking out.

Shahnaz x