Now if you folllow me you know I love face mists like a lot. So with the new Max Fix + scented mists I was really happy to get my hands on all of them (thank you Mac South Africa team). Being a makeup artist I get lots of goodies from Mac which makes me job so much easier when it comes to making the model’s skin look amazing. If you don’t know anything about Mac Fix + you are totally mssing out and need to get yourself one in your stash.

As well as the origional there are 3 new Max Fix + scented mists (R325) that will add to the skincare experience. I have still yet to decide my favourite between Rose, Lavender and Coconut because really they all smell amazing. Lavender for me is the relaxing scent calming scent and coconut is defintely a great holiday scent and rose well its just such a pretty scent.

So what does the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + mist do?

Well actually it has so may uses which makes it amazing. Originally it was created to prep skin during your skincare routine to hydrate and help boost tired looking complexions. Its infused with vitamins and minerals that helps prep the skin before any makeup is applied and set everything in place. Its also great to refresh dehydrated skin throughout the day. The scent adds to the whole experience and if you are a makeup artist it will make your model feel super happy.

Here are the different ways to use the Fix+:

1.Prep the skin and instantly moisturise and boost.

2.Refresh throughout the day.

3.Sheer out foundation so it doesn’t look to heavy.

4.If you want to refresh key areas that are looking dehydrated spritz the mist on a brush or sponge and gently pat on the area needed.

5.If you have a shimmer pigment that you want to seriouly intensify then mix the two together to create an eye that really pops.

6.Amplify your shimmer highlighter by applying the product on the brush then spritz some fix +.

7.You can also add the amazing Mac essential oils into your Mac Fix + spray to double up on your skincare benefits. Add 4 drops into your mist bottle. A great combo for winter skin.

8.Alternatively you can make your own shimmer mist and mix in some of the mac pigments to create a beautiful face and body shimmer.

Will be filming this week a video on some of the ways to use the mist so watch this spoace next week.

As well as the new scented mists Mac have introduced the Mac Prep and Prime Mattifying Mist which I am giving away to one lucky winner. Its got the same lightweight formula that helps control shine and oil without disturbing your makeup. The formula contains powders, silica and an oil absorbing agent to help set makeup, rebalance and matt the skin. What I love about the mist is that it gives a more matt look that still looks hydrated and not dried out.

To enter into the competition:

1.Tell me why you would love to win the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist.

2.Must be SA resident.

3.Competition Closes Thursday 24th May at 5pm.

Good Luck.

Shahnaz x




  1. Jade Beckett Reply

    Hello Shahnaz!

    I have a very oily T-Zone, so my makeup tends to come off quickly in this area during the day leaving me looking very patchy and not very put together.

    The Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist sounds like something i desperately need and would never have thought of needing. If it can control my oil problem whilst keeping my makeup looking flawless and hydrated then its really a dream product.

    Heres keeping fingers crossed.

    Love Jade

  2. I love Mac! Would love to try out the new range of Fix +. Always have trouble with my makeup lashing throughout the day and would love to see how this product works. Also to add moisture to my dry winter skin. The new scents sound heavenly

  3. Shanaaz Suleman Reply

    Hi Shahnaz
    I would love to win the MAC Prep and Prime fix+Mattifying Mist. In winter my skin becomes extremely dry,almost to the point of chronically dry and yet my T-zone gets so oily and I invariably find myself with midday shine.. I almost feel like this product was made for me😅. I live in East London in the Eastern Cape.

  4. I have such oily skin. I have only recently gotten my hands on the Mac Fix plus and I really enjoy it, but I do need something mattifying….due to me being a greaseball. I am dying to try out the matte version of this spray! The fact that this is matte, but you don’t look dry….I really really have to try it!!

  5. Janel Sunderlall Reply

    I would love to use something like this that controls the shine on my face without disturbing my make up

  6. I would love to try out the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist spray mainly because i have not found a proper mist to my satisfaction. i have combination skin and changes during season. I live in a dry area so my skin tends to get dry during the mornings hence the extra face cream, come midday it gets extremely oily to the extent that i have to dab it with a tissue. i feel this product is ideal for my target areas. Im in the teaching profession so i don’t get any time at all t touch up during the day. i feel this product will keep my sin hydrated and matte as well so i don’t have to worry about my face all day. My go to make up products is mac powder because i feel that foundation with my skin gets cakey and shines plus with me dabbing my face the entire day i won’t want patches. i am super keen on trying this product. fingers and toes crossed

  7. Shaheeda loofer Reply

    Anything Mac is aok by me ..Would love to try this as I’m prone to flushing and this wud keep it under bay with style

    • Tanusta Jainarain Reply

      I have such dry skin my foundation looks like tarmac 😑 I would love the Prep &Prime to boost and hydrate my skin, and Id like to try the dif ways to use this as well

  8. Would love to win Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist. I have been searching for a product that can control my oil problem but at the same time keep my makeup looking untouched and skin hydrated. Hopefully MAC will answer my call!

  9. What an awesome blogpost and giveaway! After the birth of my little girl in January, my skin has been feeling so dry, dehydrated and dull. I would love to win these awesome products to test out all the tips you’ve given!

  10. Mendle Goldblatt Reply

    Would love to try Macs new mist sprays love trying new products and always looking for products to keep my skin feeling hydrated

  11. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Reply

    I’ve heard only good things about this product. My current finishing mist is finished and I’m looking for a new one to try. Have had my eyes on this one for ages

  12. I’ve tried the ordinary fix plus and I love it.It has a way of bringing my makeup together and giving me a nice glow but the only problem with it is that it doesn’t keep the oil on my skin at bay.I was excited when the new fix plus sprays were released and the matte one is definitely on my wishlist but sadly I’m on a spending ban at the moment.It would be great to try out this one and see how it compares to the ordinary one.A makeup spray which makes your makeup look amazing and keeps your skin matte all day?How can one not want such a product?Besides that,look at that packaging?Who wouldn’t want that in their makeup kit?Lol

  13. Lizelle Naidoo Reply

    Hi Shahnaz

    I just recently got to try the mac matte fix it spray and I’m pleasantly surprised as I have dry skin. I can still get a matte finish. I would love to try the others as I have just started getting into the makeup scene and feel I need to add this to my makeup set. You got to start somewhere. Having dry skin is such a problem at times and I’m sure this will help setting my makeup and taking away the dryness. Lots of love lizelle

  14. Hey Shahnaz i would love to win this Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist because i am a youtuber and i am starting out. Being a girl with no option but to make sure her dreams come true because of no opportunities to go to school and further studies. Literally my world has become making it in beauty and all the coins i save up go to that. Plus mac never disappoints.

  15. Wow! This post really grabbed my attention! I think the concept of a fixing/mattifying mist combined with fragrance is just so clever….I would absolutely love this Mac Prep and Prime mist as part of my daily make-up routine. Holding fingers and toes…

  16. Sumeshnee Chetty Reply

    I would absolutely adore winning this phenomenal prize as I am already a MAC customer, who is makeup obsessed! I’d love to add the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist to my daily beauty regime which already consists of MAC products from my primer to my powder! I am certain it would give my foundation a much needed sheer appearance and I will also look towards purchasing a MAC shimmer to have an added glow! Thank you, Shahnaz for this informative blog post, I now understand the importance of primer use!

  17. Amazing giveaway . IV never used MAC fixing spray. But only heard great reviews 🔥🔥 . I suffer from dry with Oily T junction.. WOULD love to try … Ty forbl the amazing review 🙏🙏🍾🥂🥂

  18. Hi Shahnaz 🙂

    I think I’d be the ideal candidate to test out the new Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist spray for the following reasons:

    – I have very oily skin

    – I live in hot and humid Durban where temperatures often reach 30°C.

    – I am a candidate attorney who works from 8am to 4.30pm and thereafter I attend evening lectures until 9pm (the perfect pressure test to see just how good this product is because by 1pm my skin feels like a frying pan, and by 9pm I’m so oily that America wants to invade lol).

    – my day involves running from court to court in a black suit, with a white shirt underneath… and very often I find foundation transfer on my shirt 🙈 so maybe this setting spray can alleviate this problem and save my shirts.

    Thank you for this opportunity to rant 😅

  19. Who needs a fairy God Mother when you have MAC Prep and Prime Fix spray that will keep you looking like a princess even after the stroke of midnight? Well this mom, wife, pet owner, student & poet needs this holy grail product to add some glamour to her life. Add the humidity of Durban and you have a recipe for distaster! And the fact that my teenage daughter has hijacked my Mac Prep + Prime Spray thanks to those Instagram tutorials. Sigh. So yes! I need my own fix to make me feel & look my best! So please pretty please send this my way. I will spray myself beautiful darling!

  20. Hi there

    I have heard abd read lots about the fixing spray but have been unable to purchase 1 yet. I have lately been experiencing lotsbof dry and oily patches on my skin due to recently diagnosed PCOS. This results in my makeup fading by lunchtime and me looking dull and shiny along with self confidence issues despite being inbmy mid 30s. I would love to try these mists and fixing sprays as they sound like nothing short of a miracle.

  21. Arlena Govender Reply

    Hey Shahnaz😊

    Like every other makeup loving woman, I would absolutely love to win this prize however, I’m somewhat of a newbie to makeup. I practise almost every day and I hope and believe that the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist will assist in my makeup game ! My makeup tends to look cakey after a few hours to a point where I resort to wiping it off. This will truly be a life saver to me !

    Thank you for the opportunity of a competition 😊 Good luck ladies 💕

  22. Hey Shahnaz!

    So I would like to win the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist because I’m rather new to the make-up game but, I’ve heard amazing things about Mac. My skin is extremely oily but gets dry regions throughout the day so the Fix + could really help prep and moisturize my skin and also refresh my look during the course of the day. It would also help my make-up look less cakey when I decide to wear some.

    Ps. Thank you for this amazing opportunity girl!

  23. Jamie Meyers Reply

    Hey Shahnaz!

    I would love to win the fix+ sprays because I am absolutely in love with the original product and haven’t tried the new ones yet. I am obsessed with skincare and use the spray after my skincare routine and they leave my skin feeling and looking so fresh and rejuvenated and the stunning scents are a bonus!

    Such a lovely competition- thank you for giving us this opportunity to win 💘 Fingers crossed ! 🤞🏼

  24. Lucille Parkins Reply

    I would love to try Mac Fix and Prep as I am sure it would help my dry aged skin and keep my makeup looking fresh all day.

  25. Robin Cloete Reply

    Good day Shahnaz

    I would love to win this as I am a student and buying products such as these are not in my budget right now, lol. I am currently just spraying some rose water on my skin, using it to moisturize my skin and also to set my make-up. I am slowly getting into make-up and how to do it effortlessly.
    Really hoping to win 💕

  26. Michelle Baron Reply

    I would love to win the mattifying spray! My face is always far too shiny by midday and I’d love a skin pick-me-up.
    xx Mich

  27. Anusha Naidoo Reply

    A absolutely informative and enlightening post thank you, thank you for the opportunity to win. I
    would love to win the MAC Prep and Prime fix+Mattifying Mist as live where humidity levels are frequently high and I suffer with dry skin. This will help keep my make up looking matte all day. I will feel confident and stress free, no need to stress about my facial appearance , also being a single mom I have a gazillion things to do daily and with this awesome prize I know I will look good and my make up will be intact all day whilst I am busy as a bee.

    Thank you so much will be absolutely grateful.

  28. I would love to win this. I have a combination skin but when I use a fixing spray or must ( currently using The Body Shop face mist) my skin tends to get even more oily and my make up doesn’t seem to last.. Really hoping to win this and hopefully this would go perfect with my skin to keep my make up fresh looking and long lasting 🙂 ❤️😍

  29. Dominique Solomon Reply

    Hey Shahnaz! I am a long time loyal follower of yours and absolutely love your work! In the build up to my wedding next year March, I am constantly looking for makeup looks for my big day. I am a massive MAC fan and workship them! I would really love to add this amazing collection to my makeup bag(if it can fit :)) I have normal-combination skin, I use MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and would love a setting spray like thes to illuminate my skin and give it a healthy glow. Thanks!! 🙂

    • This one is for matting the skin not glowing. Will see if can organise one of the others for you.

  30. I would love to try the Mac Prep & Prime + Mattifying Mist as I always end up with patches on my my face by lunchtime no matter which foundation I use, now since Winter is nearly here I can only imagine what I’d look like when my dry patch on my forehead resurfaces, Thank you so much for the opportunity Shahnaz

  31. I would like to try the Mac Prep + Prime Mattifying Mist because my T-zone literally turns into an oily mess within 2-3 hours after applying foundation (no matter the weather such are those overactive sebaceous glands of mine) and for anyone who loves and wears makeup just as much as I do,there is no bigger “dampener” than having your makeup slide off your face in such a short space of time,especially after all the effort that was put into it.

    Thank you,Shahnaz,for giving all of us this opportunity to stand a chance and please consider uploading more videos onto your YT channel if you are able to,I do miss them!

  32. I’ve read and heard many positive reviews of this amazing product, but just haven’t had the finances to purchase it. I battle to keep makeup on my face for a long period of time, without it fading and becoming ‘cakey’. This product would significantly help to make my makeup last longer and look fresh for hours. I’ve also found that my combination skin has been getting worse with the CT water crisis, with both visible dryness and pimples from the oiliness. Prepping my skin with the incredible product would help to renew my skin and prevent makeup from clogging my pores. I’d absolutely love to win and would appreciate the prize so much! Thank you for your consideration! 💓

  33. Awesome giveaway 🙂 I would love to try the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist as I have extremely oily skin and within an hour after application of my foundation, I look like a disco ball. All shiny and makeup melted off. And Mac is really a great brand that brings out such awesome products !!

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