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mac fix + scented mists


Now if you folllow me you know I love face mists like a lot. So with the new Max Fix + scented mists I was really happy to get my hands on all of them (thank you Mac South Africa team). Being a makeup artist I get lots of goodies from Mac which makes me job so much easier when it comes to making the model’s skin look amazing. If you don’t know anything about Mac Fix + you are totally mssing out and need to get yourself one in your stash.

As well as the origional there are 3 new Max Fix + scented mists (R325) that will add to the skincare experience. I have still yet to decide my favourite between Rose, Lavender and Coconut because really they all smell amazing. Lavender for me is the relaxing scent calming scent and coconut is defintely a great holiday scent and rose well its just such a pretty scent.

So what does the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + mist do?

Well actually it has so may uses which makes it amazing. Originally it was created to prep skin during your skincare routine to hydrate and help boost tired looking complexions. Its infused with vitamins and minerals that helps prep the skin before any makeup is applied and set everything in place. Its also great to refresh dehydrated skin throughout the day. The scent adds to the whole experience and if you are a makeup artist it will make your model feel super happy.

Here are the different ways to use the Fix+:

1.Prep the skin and instantly moisturise and boost.

2.Refresh throughout the day.

3.Sheer out foundation so it doesn’t look to heavy.

4.If you want to refresh key areas that are looking dehydrated spritz the mist on a brush or sponge and gently pat on the area needed.

5.If you have a shimmer pigment that you want to seriouly intensify then mix the two together to create an eye that really pops.

6.Amplify your shimmer highlighter by applying the product on the brush then spritz some fix +.

7.You can also add the amazing Mac essential oils into your Mac Fix + spray to double up on your skincare benefits. Add 4 drops into your mist bottle. A great combo for winter skin.

8.Alternatively you can make your own shimmer mist and mix in some of the mac pigments to create a beautiful face and body shimmer.

Will be filming this week a video on some of the ways to use the mist so watch this spoace next week.

As well as the new scented mists Mac have introduced the Mac Prep and Prime Mattifying Mist which I am giving away to one lucky winner. Its got the same lightweight formula that helps control shine and oil without disturbing your makeup. The formula contains powders, silica and an oil absorbing agent to help set makeup, rebalance and matt the skin. What I love about the mist is that it gives a more matt look that still looks hydrated and not dried out.

To enter into the competition:

1.Tell me why you would love to win the Mac Prep and Prime Fix + Mattifying Mist.

2.Must be SA resident.

3.Competition Closes Thursday 24th May at 5pm.

Good Luck.

Shahnaz x