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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

So some of you may know I went overseas for a month and as I am totally beauty obsessed and addicted , so of course I was going to make some purchases. Did I need all of them probably not but I just couldn’t help myself. Here are my latest purchases:

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation: I have been wanting to try this out for ages and add more foundations to my kit. Its light weight and feels amazing on the skin leaving a beautiful glow and silky smooth, and you can build up covearge from sheer to medium. Its not cheap but definitely worth it for me.

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Urban Decay Naked Palette: I have been wanting to buy this palette for ages but for some reason I kept deciding against it. However, I thought on this trip why not and I always hear such great reviews. I love it, there are some matt colours but mostly shimmery. The palette is perfect for a natural look or creating a bronze to smokey evening look. I love the quality of the shadows and the colours and it came with a brush and an eye primer!

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Revlon Matt Lipsticks – Normally I automatically go for Mac lipsticks that have a sheen. I did have matt lipsticks but not a huge amount. I really like these matt lipsticks and I love the quality as they have a creamy texture and don’t dry your lips plus they are not too pricey. I used Nude Attitude  on my Women’s Health shoot this morning so a definite for my kit.

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Yu-Be Moisturiser – I was watching a Pixiwoo Youtube video a few weeks ago and one of the makeup artists mentioned Yu-Be sold at Boots and how amazing this Japenese product was and that it was only 19.99 pounds. Of course I had to try it especially as the Japenese  are amazing when it comes to skincare. Its best applied at night after removing your makeup. It is really thick so you don’t have to apply too much and it smells like Tee Tree Oil. All I can say is I love it because when I wake up in the morning my skin looks amazing and is really smooth and I was aksed the other day had I had a skin peel. So there you go a definite winner. Its available at Boots so if you not in the UK find someone who can get it for you!

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Hope you enjoyed my post. x