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Its actually been a while since I have tested out any Ren skincare products but its always been a brand I really love. I do love a smask its a beauty step I never miss out. Whenever anyon asks me what should they invest in I always say a good mask and serum. Ren are launching some amazing products with their most recent the Ren Ultra Comforting Mask. Its great for all of you that have sensitive skin just like I do and I promise your skin will feel happier for it.

I have been testing out the new mask the last couple weeks and I like it best when I have had a hard workout at the skin. My skin is always like a crazy beetroot and with the all the sweating I like something that will sooth my skin. The Ren Ultra Comforting Mask (Evercalm range) has a creamy texture so it literally feels like you are applying a soothing moisturiser all over your face. All you need is 10 minutes and then rinse off and my skin feels so soft and basically amazing.

The mask is basically perfect for when your skin is having sensitivity issues like redness, blotchy patches, sunburnt and dry areas basically anything to do with stress. Which let’s face it we deal with stress all the time. So when you feel your skin is totally freaking out then the ultra calming mask is what you need to be reaching for. We may not necesarily have sensitive skin all the time and there are times we are going through something and our skin just gets affected.  With the mask your skin is literally soothed in 10 minutes its as easy as that.

All you need is one pump that you need to massage all over your face. The mask is a light green cream that smells really lovely. So its basically  a soothing experience for the senses as well. After 10 minutes you will see the mask has stared to melt into your skin thats when I wash it off. Skin feels soothed and all the redness is gone. After the mask spritz on a face mist, your serum and moisturise and you are good to go.

I am in the sun a lot because I live in a hot climate and have a tendency to get dehydrated skin. This mask is perfect for that as not only does it soothe but it also hydrates your skin aswell. If you don’t have sensitive skin or any skin issues then its not for you. But if you do then its definitely worth the investment as its on the pricey side.

Here is a little video that I came across from Ren UK that explains in more detail the benefits and ingredients of the mask:

The mask launched this week but its yet to be available online on the Ren website but is available at certain Clicks and Woolworths stores so go try it out.

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