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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Introducing the new skincare from Dermalogica the Daily Superfoliant and the Age Reversal Eye Complex. I am always on the look out for skincare thats going to give me gorgeous glowing skin. I am obsessed with exfoliators as it makes my skin so smooth making sure that all my other skincare products really work. Its definitely a key part of my skincare routine and one that plays a big role in how my skin looks. Eye cream is another big one for me as I get seriously dehydrated and then the fine lines start to show. Plus the last thing I want is to look my age. Right?

You all my know the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which is definitely a favourite from the skincare brand. They have the same packaging and both come in a powder form but this one is contains beta hydroxy acid exfoliant which helps smooth the skin. Plus help fight your skin against ageing and all the stresses our skin deals with. Where as the daily microfoliant is a gentle enzyme and beta hydroxy acid exfoliant that helps break down congested pores.

The Daily Superfoliant (R1180) is a grey powder that is charcoal based that you wet and massage into your skin. Its probably not great if you struggle from dry skin but my skin loves it. After each use my skin is super smooth and soft leaving a glow to my skin. The activated binchotan charcoal helps purify and absorb toxins from the pores. The key ingredients niacin amide, red algae and tara fruit extract help guard skin of the damaging eefcts of pollution.

Sprinkle a half a teaspoon into your hands, wet and massage into your skin. If I am rushed for time then I incorporate the exfoliant while I am taking a shower. Once the powder is wet and applied to the skin powerful enzymes are released. I love that the superfoliant is gentle to my skin but at the same time my skin is getting what it needs. Even though it says daily I try to just keep it to 3 times a week and I still get the exfoliation that I need and my skin is happier for it.

I love me an eye cream and the Age Reversal Eye Complex (R868) is my new best friend. Its got a balmy texture that I really love that really hydrates my under eye area and helps reduce the signs of ageing around my eyes. The micro encapsulated retinol helps smooth the skin and the microencapusulated niacinamide and ash tree bark extract maintain the hydration and reduce dark circles. I have been using the eye cream for the last two weeks and so far I absolutely love it. After application make application is so easy and my concealer just melts right in. With my long hours and lack of sleep I need all the help I can get and this eye cream definitely does it for me.

Shahnaz x