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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I can’t quite believe 2016 is over and we are now in a new year. Last year as the most incredible year for me personally with moving home, renowing my vows and turning 40. It was a year of way too much fun and not sure I can ever top it off. I have been busy thinking about my New Years resolutions and what I want to achieve in 2017. This year my focus is definitely going to shift with a lot more emphasis on my work and my blog. Each year I try and improve my blog with last year changing the look and feel this year will definitely be way more content. I took a little bit of a break away from my blog over the Christmas holidays as sometimes we need a little time off. I literally ate and drank way too much the last two weeks and now its time to get my head down and focus.

Getting fit and eating right are right on the top of the list as I have been over indulgent the month of December. Plus I haven’t been near a gym in 2 months. I definitely want to look at different workouts and try mix it up at home and at the the gym. I really enjoyed sweat 1000 last year but it can get a bit boring always doing the same thing. I am promising myself to definitely work out 3 times a week. As well as sharing what works and what I really love. Bar Body is definitey on my list for this year and I may even get myself a trainer once a week to mix it up.

When it comes to my blog I definitely need to film more video’s this year I started on a good wicket near the last quarter of 2016. However with my shoot schedules it gets hard. In 2017 I am really amining for once a week and am going to try my best to deliver. I have so many new palettes and products in my office that I really want to share. This year will be lots of product reviews and makeup looks coming your way. Also I am aiming to do a skincare video once a month chatting about all the sknicare products I am loving as they are a big part of my daily routine.

In 2016 I actually stopped doing weekend posts but I am definitely aiming to post every Saturday. I want to revisit my favourite things of the week whether its beauty, fashion or a restaurant. I am forever trying new places to eat or trying out new makeup or skincare so this is great way to add more content to my blog.

Planning planning planning is key for me in 2017. I have my little note book that I started writing notes on what posts I would like to do. Also scheduling each week and sticking to it. I have so much to cover and so many rpoducts to share that its so important that I have a weekly planner. I will also try and mix it up as much as I can to keep it interesting.

Improving my pictures and props is definitely a big one for this year. Some of my favourite bloggers like Katielavie and TamaraJamel have amazing pictures. They really set themselves apart from a lot of others as a picture says a thousands words right?

Have you thought about your New Years Resolutions?

Shahnaz x