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One of my friends asked me what do I want from 2014. It really made me think what I want this year to be and how I can im prove from last year or try new things for my work, my personal life and my blog. So I have been thinking what I would like to do and achieve this year.

1) On a work level I want to try and be really creative this year and try and shoot as much beauty as possible. For me I am in my happy place when I am painting a face and beauty shoots focus on the make up and the hair. My goal is to definitely to try and shoot beauty for more magazines I hit my goal at the end of 2013 and did my first beauty story for Elle magazine which is out now in the Jan/Feb issue so its a great way to start the year as well as Fairlady which is out next month. Make up is about experimenting and I want to push and go crazy.

2) Organise my beauty room is a must. Being a make up artist I am always buying new products but beauty blogging has taken it to a whole new level. My plan is to split the room into 2 and have my products I have bought and then have my beauty blogging products on the other side. I definitely need to get organised and get more beauty storage set up. My room will become my little office instead of trying to work when my kids and everyone else are running around.

3) For my blog I want to introduce more elements and have regular features like a mani monday and how to hairstyles. If there is anything you guys want me to include please let me know.

4) Video’s, video’s,video’s. I know I haven’t done enough as my schedule has been so manic but 2014 is going to be all about the video’s. From mid Jan new video’s shot in studio will be launched with a new promo video so its being taken to a new level. Plus I will be doing video’s with model’s and girls with all skin tones so I can show how to work with everyone. I promise at some point in the year I will start how to hair video’s.

5) On a personal level its all about being more healthy, drinking lots of water and trying to fit in exercise into my busy life.

Its important to set yourself some goals for this year. So have a think about what you want to achieve and go for it.

Shahnaz. x


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