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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I am now in the second phase of the Nimue 12 Week challenge which means introducing the Nimue Active Lotion. I am seriously really happy so far with how my skin looks and feels so super excited to see what my skin will be like at the end of the challenge. One thing I can say its really helped me up my beauty regime game at night time. I can be pretty lazy at night but with the challenge I am literally using like 4/5 products. Now with the indroduction of the active lotion its only going to get better.

The Nimue Active Lotion is only introduced into week 5 and is used only at night and every other day. The lotion is an intensive treatment¬†with a high concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids that will optimise skin rejuvenation and the health of your skin. On application you will feel slight tingling so don’t panic. When I first tried it this week I panicked slightly thinking did I do something wrong but when I read up on it its totally normal.

After applying the Nimue Conitioner and Toner to make sure clean is totally clean then you apply the lotion. My skin felt amazing even after the first use and I literally go to bed with skin that feels so smooth and radiant. You only need one pump of the product and massage all over.

Key Benefits:

1.Increased cell turn over and renewal.
2.Rapid improvement in skin texture.
3.Facilitates skin rejuvenation and enhances results from phase 1.
4.Rapidly improves repair processes for environmentally damaged, hyperpigmented and problematic skin.

So far loving the challenge watch this space for the final month where I will be comparing my skin from the start. If you didn’t catch my first post on the whole challenge click here to check it out.

Shahnaz x