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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Previous trends from back in the day whether its fashion or makeup always seem to come back in trend and this time is the nineties that’s making a come back and of course its a fav of mine. In this shoot I did for Edgars in SA my brief was modern nineties makeup, so taking elements from back then and making it current and cool. Luckily I had a great model to work with to show you the trends that you need to be working this season.

Big bold brows are back where they are darker and seriously filled in leaving the rest of the face fresh and the lips nude. Skin is flawless and the face is seriously structured with contouring along the cheek bones to really define the face. The key to these kind of brows is an angled brow brush and a brow powder to create the shape and intensity.


The grunge 90’s smokey eye is definitely coming back using blacks to really intensify the eyes. A black kohl liner is a must to line the eyes top and bottom and on the waterlines to really make the eyes pop and finish off with lots of mascara. Remember keep the rest of the face nude to keep the focus on the eyes but you can work black nail polish to match those eyes.


Definitely one of my favourite looks its all about matt textures on the lips and intense chocolate on the eyes working right up to the brow bone to make the look really modern. Take a blending brush and feather out the chocolate shade up top the brow leaving the intensity of the shade on the lids. Either work a lip pencil over the entire lip or take a mushroom shade eyeshadow and patt over your nude lipstick to create that modern brown matt lip.

What’s your favourite nineties makeup trend?