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Nip + Fab is an amazing brand that has hit SA shores and is exclusive to Clicks. I had tried the CC cream in the UK but never got to try out the skin care. Kerry-Ann who does their PR sent me a box load of products to try (lucky me). The brand is all about instant beauty fixes made simple.

Nip + Fab is clinically tested skincare and body care fixes crammed with breakthrough natural and scientific ingredients. They promise to offer target solutions for specific skincare and bodycare concerns by combining the latest active ingredients with technically advanced smoothing, firming and boosting properties. The world famous range includes celeb favourites like Upper Arm Fix giving toned arms in just 2 weeks and no Needle Fix for an alternative to cosmetic procedures.

Check out all the press that Nip + Fab has had

So what did I think?

Nip and Fab

I love the products and my skin felt so hydrated after using them and even though I am off testing other products I still use the eye cream every morning and the face cleanser plus the pads are great for removing excess make up and leaving my skin glowing. So here are the products I used:

Glycolic Fix Cleanser R234.99: Foaming facial cleanser with Glycolic and Apple Amino Acids. Its purpose is to deeply cleanse, tighten and tone the skin. Its a brightening cleanser that works to rid skin of all traces of grime and make up whilst giving the skin a refreshing boost. The Glycolic Acid works to retexture the skin to hide the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles, whilst the Olive Oil deeply hydrates the skin. Key Benefits: GA helps stimulate cellular activity and collagen synthesis to improve skin elasticity and boost radiance. Apple Amino Acid provides a dense and skin-softening foam whilst protecting the skin’s natural barrier. Olive Oil reduces water loss to increase hydration for smooth and soft skin.

What more can I say on the cleanser it has left my skin feeling fresh and so smooth every day and I have been getting constant compliments on my skin. If you going to invest in any product that cleansing is one of the key items as we all need a clean face!

Glycolix Fix Exfoliating Pads R 264.99: These innovative wipes are packed with Glycolic Acid to improve skin tone and texture. These anti ageing pads contain Glycolic and Hyaluronic Acid that help stimulate cell turnover for a smoother brighter complexion. The pads also contain blue daisy to soothe skin while skin will appear smoother, fresher and brighter after using the pads.

Use these pads after cleansing and wipe along your face, neck and decollete. You can use these pads once or twice a day. I really like these pads as they made my skin feel really fresh afterwards and gave me a glow which is what I am constantly wanting for my skin.

No Needle Fix Serum R364.99: This serum is an SOS lifting and intensive plumping serum containing cellative-form to plump fine lines and improve overall skin’s tonicity and elasticity and indinyl ca to hydrate and condition skin. Wrinkle buster osilift acts as an instant tensor blurring imperfections and smoothing wrinkles while keeping make up firmly in place. 

Apply by massaging into your face and neck especially where the areas on your face you have expression lines and make sure you apply before your moisturiser. I used the serum every morning for a month and in combination with the moisturiser my skin really felt amazing and glowing by the time I applied my foundation.

Instant Radiance Wrinkle Fix R 334.95: This beauty pump adds radiance and improves elasticity leaving skin conditioned and hydrated. It contains specially formulated hyaluronic acid filling spheres which bind up to 1000 times their weight in water to visibly fill and plump the skin for noticeably smoother fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturiser is enriched with a combination of essential oils like grapeseed oil which helps tighten and tone and meadowfoam seed oil to fight the signs of ageing and protect against the harmful effects of the environment which helps leaving skin hydrated and protected. Working in harmony with jojoba seed oil, evening primrose oil, rose hip oil, glycerin, lanolin and mica. 

This cream is all about giving the skin a glow which is a big YAY for me. I love when skin looks radiant even before any make up is applied because it will shine through the foundation. When it comes to applying make up its so key that your skin has been prepped and this is all down to your skincare routine. I love how Nip + Fab leaves my skin looking and feeling.

Triple-Action Eye Cream R299.99: Love love love this eye cream and its still part of my beauty routine even though I am trying other products. This eye cream helps reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while hydrating to fight against premature ageing. This eye cream fix works to break down stubborn crows feet and deep-set wrinkles around the area for a fresh youthful glow. This 3-in-1 formula combines red algea to target dark circles, tetra peptide to reduce puffiness and shea butter to hydrate and soften so for me its a definite must for my beauty regime. 

When I am tired which is a lot I get dry under my eyes but with this cream my skin is hydrated all the time and it seems by dark circles aren’t as noticeable.

Its a cool brand with a lot of press and celebrity fans. Plus the prices are more affordable so you can at least incorporate some items into your beauty regime. Go check it out.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x