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online beauty shopping in SA

For me who came from London to live in South Africa 10 years ago the online beauty shopping in SA was non existent. Cool fashion and makeup brands were no where in sight. Beauty shopping online don’t even get me started. Its still light years away from the States and Europe but I finally feel we are actually getting somwhere here. There has always been the usual suspects like Mac and Bobbi Brown and your usual drugstore brands like Max Factor and Revlon. Finally we have some clever women that have taken it upon themselves to set up beauty websites that are actually offering cool makeup and skincare brands. I finally feel I don’t have to panic so much and wait for a trip overseas or beg my friends to bring me goodies.

Let’s start with Muse Beauty as this basically is the best of them all with a large range of brands and not just 5 items from the range. We can now get our hands on like brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty Beauty, Milani Beauty, Pixi beauty and the list goes on. There is a huge range of Morphe makeup and brushes with a 10 piece brush set costing R850. Yes the brands like charlotte Tilbury are pricier because of import duties but the fact that we can actually get our hands on the products is amazing.  I am super excited to order some Ordinary skincare its had rave reviews and its really affordable. The site has a great reputation so you know you can trust this one for all your beauty needs.

Cosmetic Boutique is a smaller version of Muse Beauty and has a real fresh feeling to the site. You can even buy one of the Zoeva brush sets so thats cool. The collections are much smaller than Muse with only a few items from each. They definitely need to add more items to the ranges and maybe try stock brands that the others don’t have.

Makeup Shack stocks some of the same products like Huda Beauty, Morphe etc. Its not as impressive as Muse but they do seem to have a large section called pre-order that you can order a whole array of beauty products that can take up to 3 weeks to receive if you feel like waiting that long. The site however does offer a pre order on the Zoeva brushes which so far is the only site that has these on offer but they are more expensive so be prepared to pay more than the actual price.

Eyeseehuemakeup is the smallest website with not as much selection. However it has got a nice little selection of Too Faced Beauty featuring one of my new favourite palettes the Peachy Matte. Plus some of the gorgeous Zoeva eyeshadow palettes as well which are super affordable. I really hope they can add to the Zoeva collection by bringing over their amazing makeup brushes so lets hope and see.

Check them out see what you think but in terms of selection and brands Muse does have pretty much everything.

Shahnaz x