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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I started organising with my pro kit which has now rolled out to my vanity table. I can be a little disorganised at times with makeup in my handbags, bathroom and office and am always looking for what I need. After cutting all my lipsticks I kept what I needed for myself so that I don’t have to rummage through my kit anymore and find the right shade. This month is all about getting organised and making my life clutter free even down to my wardrobe. I am focusing on organising my vanity table with all my personal makeup and makeup brushes are in one place.


I started up with getting a makeup brush holder which I can easily transfer from my vanity table to work if I need to. Its got 3 compartments to makes it so convenient as I can actually see everything I have. There are a few places to get them in SA, I got mine from Lili Makeup Boxes.┬áThere are other companies like beauty box that have great makeup boxes of all sizes and you can even build your own. I have tried to start doing my makeup only at my table so that I can leep everything in one place. As it used to be at my desk or dining table which isn’t ideal and just gets messy.


A makeup box makes life so much easier when it comes to organising. I stilll need to add more items but its definitely a work in progress. I keep all my lipsticks and foundations there at all times. Plus my mascara and bronzer as they are my go to items. My bigger makeup palettes are part of my pro kit so if I need I just go grab but I like to have the items I use a lot within reach.


I have also added my makeup remover and my La Mer Miscellar water which is amazing. Its so I can refresh before I go out in the afternoon or evening or if I make a boo boo with my makeup. I even have my Dermalogica wipes it saves me from running to the bathroom rummaging around all my stuff.


To make it pretty its always great to have some fresh flowers. My mother in law always puts a little vase on the table it just makes you feel good. Plus a picture of me and hubbie that just adds a little extra detail.

Shahnaz x