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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Its the end of the year and its been a crazy busy year and your skin can really get damaged if you don’t take care of it. Your beauty routine at night is so crucial in your beauty regime if you really want that beautiful glowing skin and to help repair damage that has been caused during the day. If I am really tired I know I need to up my regime at night time and get back all the hydration and glow back. Especially as I live in Cape Town and the sun is so strong it can also play havoc on your skin. There are certain products I love that I know I can put on my skin and I wake up and my skin feels amazing. So here is my list:

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum: I love love this serum its always been a favourite of mine. After cleansing my face and removing all my make up I add a few drops into my hands and massage into my face before I go to sleep. This serum instantly hydrates my skin and when I wake up in the morning my skin is glowing and feels so soft. Its very light and easily absorbs into the skin and what I love is that it isn’t greasy and sticky. This new and improved serum is all about repairing and purifying the skin with a mix of anti-oxidants that helps fix the damage that has been done during the day. It also contains hyaluronic acid which gives that moisture to the skin by plumping the skin and reversing the dehydration caused during the day.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Eye cream: The concentrate is perfect for me when my skin feels very dry and I need to give my skin some extra love. With a mixture of natural oils consisting of Primrose Oil, Squalane, essential oils like Lavender and Omega 6 which help provide a boost to dehydrated. The serum works through the night to recover radiance by the morning leaving my skin feeling softer and smoother.

I recently started using the eye cream because I never quite get enough sleep and my under eye area is always affected first. My under eye area feels fresher and really hydrated by the morning after applying the cream.

Chanel Le Lift Rich Cream: This new cream by Chanel launches 30th Jan 14 in South Africa it comes in light, medium and rich. I went for the rich so I could have it as my night cream. This cream was developed after extensive research and finding a link between external stresses and your body and how emotions and your lifestyle can affect the ageing process and 2 particular youth proteins are being affected. The active ingredient in this cream is an exotic flower where the source is in the roots called 35da. I have been using this cream for a few nights now and my skin feels hydrated and super smooth and giving a boost to my skin. Will do a full review soon.

Dirty Works Overnight Lift: A great budet cream with the title on the bottle “collagen on call”. The cream smells amazing and feels really rich on the skin definitely giving the moisture boost I need. Combining a triple peptide complex with nourishing Shea Butter and Wheatgerm oil to lift, tone and boost collagen while I am sleeping and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sampar So Much Dew Midnight Mask: Really love this brand I reviewed some of the products a while back and this mask was definitely one of my favourites. I apply a thin layer of the mask with the brush applicator once I have cleansed my skin and then in the morning rinse your face. What is left is smooth, fresh and glowing skin.

Ren Omega 3 Night Serum Repair: I absolutely love this serum as it smells so gorgeous so when applying it automatically makes you feel good and think of holidays. Its an oil based serum that replenishes the skin lipids to leave skin looking healthier and feeling smooth. I used this serum after being in the sun all day and burnt my face slightly and by the morning my skin felt so smooth and had helped soothe the burn. This serum encourages the natural process of skin renewal, the skin’s moisture barrier and leaves skin looking plumper, healthier and fitter.

Prices for these products range from R75.99 to R1500 so there is budget, mid range and high end products included. I love them all and definitely feel like I am treating my skin to the boost it needs. All products are available in Edgars and Dirty Works is exclusive to Clicks.

Make sure you look after your skin especially over the holidays. Merry Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x