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Oway Oorganic Hair Products

Sadly I didn’t get to attend the launch but I did get to test out some hair products. Oway organic hair products launch in SA in May and I am excited to get my hands on some more. Its a brand that is for both women and men and not only is it shampoo and conditioners but styling products too. I love that its organic and I love how my hair feels after I wash it. I love that the brand is supoer concious to the environment while giving quality at the same time.

The products definitely look more high quality because they come in glass bottles so they just look more sleek. But be careful if you are clumsy like me and drop a bottle in a shower it could be a distaster.  I have been busy testing out the frequent use hair & scalp bath and conditioner the last few weeks and here is how my hair is looking. I find because I train a lot I have to wash my hair a lot this one actually works for me and my hair isn’t so greasy on the second day. Its even given my hair some volume too after drying.

So whats the Oway brand all about?

They produce the world’s first professional organic hair colour, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair-trade ingredients. Their green chemists hand selects the highest quality formulations to achieve professional results without the use of common salon toxins.

Oway’s organic salon products take root on our family’s biodynamic farms in Bologna, Italy – where Italian quality meets nature. There, they grow, pick and distil their pure organic extracts, essential oils and hydrolates with zero chemicals, in accordance with biodynamic farming standards.

The products are free from any chemicals and nasties for your hair and none of the products have ever been tested on animals. The great thing with the bottles being glass is that we can recycle them so its great for the environment as well. The Oway brand believes that the planet needs to be protected  and saved which lots of brands do not.

So about the products I tested:

The frequent use hair & scalp bath is suitable for hair types even sensitive. The shampoo gently cleanses and strenthens plus moisturises and doesn’t weigh the hair down. My hair feels really clean and actually more manageable.

The frequent use conditioner is also for all hair types. Plus helps detangle and add that extra moisture to the hair so tips feel super healthy. Its super nourishing and my hair feels amazing after each wash

Active Ingredients:

Biodynamic lemon – Adds shine and revitalizes dull – matt hair thanks to the antioxidant properties of vitamin C.
Organic white tea – Rich in polyphenols, it has an anti-ageing action and protects against oxidative stress.
Ethical anisata
Ethically-produced Anisata – antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

To find out more about the brand in SA you can get in touch with the brand on I will be finding about where the products will be stocked and how much of the range will be available to  buy. So watch out for insta stories on shahnazlovesbeauty. Also follow them on insta owaysouthafrica and check out their site to learn more about the products.

Shahnaz x