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Party season is here whether its your Christmas party or you have started early and are on the town having fun make sure not to forget your nails. New to Clicks is Ciate Nails all the way from London where nail art is on a whole other level. There are some gorgeous nail sets to get you ready for the party especially with the Ciate Shell Manicure Crushed Shells which I got my hands on.

You can either go crazy with this one and use the crushed shells on all your nails and really get your party on, you could do what I did and just apply to one nail or I saw on another blog where the cushed shells was used just on the tips its totally up to you. What I really love is that the polish literally dries in a minute which for a clumsy like me this is really important plus great when on set and you need the nails to dry like right now.

Its so easy to use and the polish glides on beautifully, you can either use the funnel provided to apply the crushed shells or just springle over your desired area and just clean up the excess.

Or if you just looking for a beautiful polish to complete your outfit you can just get yourself an individual ciate shade I love the hot pink I got sent but that’s because I do love a bright colour.  I am a big fan of the brand as they are always on trend and the nail sets are such an easy way to experiment in some nail art.

The sets roughly cost R349 so either a great treat to yourself or a great present to give someone and the individual polishes cost R149.95 and if you thinking its a little pricey look how pretty the packaging is.

Have you tried Ciate out yet?

Shahnaz x


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