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Its so hard for me to attend any launches as I am a make up artist/hair stylist by day and a lot of the time I miss these amazing events. Kindly the PR team sent me the whole Ponds Radiance Collection to try out and review.

The collection is a luxury anti-aging range with a concentrated formula combining leading anti-ageing ingredients and real gold particles to re-energise th lost radiance of ageing skin cells. (Yes please need some of that as am getting old). As skin cells age they weaken and their vital inner-energy is exhausted. As a result skin is visibly duller and we see the signs of ageing like wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone. The Ponds Radiance Range helps recapture the radiance of your youth”s skin and the skin’s luminosity is reinvigorated and revitalised.

Here is the range, what each product promises and what I thought:

Radiance Revealed Facial Foam: This foam is infused with gold particles and has been specially designed for older skin (me) and gently exfoliates the skin to reveal new younger skin cells without making skin dry. It promises to improve skin texture, reduce dullness and leaves skin feeling soft. I used this product every day for the past 3 weeks and this foam is very kind on the skin and very creamy in texture and left my skin looking radiant and definitely feeling soft.

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Precious Youth Serum: This serum is luxuriously infused with flakes of real gold microparticles. Each drop of this formula helps improve the skin’s texture and boost the skin’s radiance. Its enriched with Vitamin B3 which helps target age spots. The product promises to improve skin tone, remove skin surface dullness, visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydrates and softens skin and doesn’t clog pores. I used the serum every day before applying any creams and massaged into my face and my skin after use has definitely been glowing.

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Youthful Glow Day Cream: This cream has an SPF of 15 therefore protecting the skin against UVA and UVB rays and is infused with real gold microparticles. The cream has been clinically proven to reduce skin dullness and with constant use this cream promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines, age sposts and wrinkles.  I used the cream after applying the serum every morning. This cream is very light in texture and melts into the skin. After following all the steps my skin really was glowing which for me is a big plus as I am a massive fan of glowing healthy looking skin.

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Youth Reviving Eye Cream: When I am tired I always notice that there are more wrinkles and my skin gets drier. This eye cream promises to refresh tired eyes, and visibly help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. The cream definitely made my skin look brighter and hydrated and left my skin feeling soft.

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Youthful Night Repair: This cream has been specially formulated to work at night when your skin cells regeneration is at its peak. The product promises that when you wake up your skin feels revived and refreshed. The cream is very rich and quite perfumed but all you need is to apply a small amount and in the morning my skin felt really soft and very hydrated.

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So after using for a few weeks here is a pic of me with a little foundation and you can really see how healthy my skin looks and there is a definite glow:

Pond sSkin

Overall really like this range, I like the packacking especially the serum and its and very affordable. You don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare and I definitely would recommend this.

Hope you enjoyed my post. x