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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

Christmas can be a very stressful time if you have a lot of people to cater for or you have been partying a bit too much and drank too much bubbles!! Let Boxing Day be the day you really give yourself some beauty love.

  • Exfoliate your body with a body scrub to give your body that wake up it needs and leave your skin feeling really smooth.
  • Apply a hair mask to make sure you get your hair feeling really silky you always feel better once your hair is clean.
  • Make sure all your make up is removed with a refreshing face wipe this will automatically make you feel better.
  • Apply a face mask after washing and cleansing your face, if you have a radiance mask then apply that to really give your skin a boost.
  • Make sure you pat in your toner into your skin.
  • Gently pat around your eyes an eye cream to try get some radiance back and then go for a highlighting concealer to take away those dark circles.
  • If your eyes are looking a little bit red then add some brightening eye drops.
  • If you have apply a serum to your face that will give your skin some glow back. I have quite a few serums as they really give that extra moisture to to the skin and a glow.
  • Massage in your moisturiser go for a richer one to really get all that hydration back. Really spend time massaging in.
  • Go for a dewy foundation this will really make your skin look amazing and feel much healthier. Massage in with your fingers.
  • Bronze it up and add highlighter to the top of your cheek bones.
  • Apply a little shimmer to your eye lids and lots of mascara.
  • Treat your lips I love the Elizabeth Arden to really get the hydration back.
  • Drink lots of water before you hit the bubbles again!

Hope you had a great Christmas. x