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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I have been working non stop the last month and have literaly not stepped near a shop. So of course on my one day off I hot the shops to Christmas shop and to treat myself just a little. Its pretty impossible for me not to shop for myself when I hit the mall. Zara and H&M are always ones that I will hit and on my way to lunch Aldo always catches my eye. My lovely dad kindly sent me some money plus after working so hard I felt I deserved a treat. As its almost the festive I decided to share my pre christmas shopping haul with all my readers.

Zara are perfect for summer dresses and cute shorts and I am a sucker for a print especially when it comes to shorts. I literally have loads of pairs but these ones have a silky feel and are so light and so comfortable. I love the colours and I love the flower print these are going to be my we love summer party shorts for the Grand at the Beach.

H&M is one of those shops that you have to dig around to get the good stuff. Funnily ebough on my way to the kids department this gorgeous dress was right there calling me to buy it. Its a gorgeous fit and its a dress that I will wear a lot. Love love love.


Also is one of those shops I always walk past and try to keep on moving. They aren’t particularly cheap so they have to be a goodie for me to purchase. These animal print trainers just called my name today and I couldn’t resist. They have a shine to them and look so cool on. Perfect with skinny jeans, a cute black dress or deni shorts. The trainers also come in black but I really loved these ones so they had to come home with me.

Shahnaz x