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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I can never stress enough how important it is to prep your skin before applying make up and how important it is to have a beauty routine. If you are chasing after that dewy skin and you want to walk out of your home like you stepped off the catwalk then this is what I do for models on my shoots and for myself to get great looking skin.

Of course there are so many products out there you can use so you don’t have to use the same products but you get the idea of the steps. These 4 items are part of my pro kit so wanted to share what I do before I even get to the foundation and concealer.

How to Prep Your Skin:

  •  Apply a toner all over the skin with a cotton wool pad even if you aren’t wearing any make up you skin will be dirty from just being outside and you most likely been sweating a bit. This step will leave skin feeling fresh and clean which is vital in any routine plus it helps restrict the pores. One of my favs is the Bioderma Sensibo H2O because its light and really does the trick for leaving skin feeling really fresh.prep your skin
  • I then apply a water based spray my current obsession is the Mac Fix +  is a water based spray infused with vitamins and minerals and helps calm the skin with ingredients like green tea, chamomile and cucucumber. The spray helps freshen the skin and leaving it look radiant. I spritz this all over the face and then press in with the palms of my hands.
  • I have a load of moisturisers in my kit depending on the model’s skin. The key for me is feeling their skin with my fingers to decide what I want to use but ultimately I want hydrated skin that is going to glow through the foundation. I love the Nars Luminous Moisture Cream I love that its so light but yet leaves skin super hydrated and with a beautiful luminous finish. Prep your skin 2
  • Lastly is the skin illuminator this step can be added to application of the foundation and mixed together. I like to add this first over all the areas that you would add a highlighter to give skin a glow and boost luminosity. I do this because I then apply foundation, and then after the foundation application I then add highlighter over the foundation. Its basically all about layering.Prep your skin 1

I take pride in trying to get the best from the girls I work with so that they feel amazing. When you prep your skin make sure you follow the steps and I promise you will love the result. Remember if you have oily skin choose a moisturiser or primer that will help reduce the oil and the shine.

Shahnaz x