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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

With it being festival season in South Africa its always a good thing to pump up your makeup. I have Afrika Burn coming up and since its my first time I am on the fence with going pretty or totally crazy. These days there are so many festival makeup options but easiest is to use face glitters and sequins. In this shoot I did back in Jan we kept it really pretty with a touch of face sequins.

This look is the easiest to create all you need is Vaseline apply and then apply your glitter or face sequins. Take a large flat brush and apply on cheek bone and then up into the temple. If you going for the cheek bone keep it to one side of the face otherwise its too much. If you going for eyes then go wild and pop it on both. When it come to the eyes then use an eye glitter glue that will make it last so much longer.

For your festival kit get yourself some stars they sell that at card shops in Cape Town, a sequin glitter set, gem stones for the face, glitter glue and some Vaseline. I am still deciding which way to go but here are some subtle to a bit crazier festival looks I am loving.


Its pretty endless with the looks you can create. if you keeping the face glitter/sequin simple then maybe pump up the eyes with a smokey look or bright lips?

Will be posting Afrika Burn Festival posts leading up to April and a festival makeup tutorial will be coming your way.

What’s your festival makeup look?

Happy Friday.

Shahnaz x