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Shahnaz Loves Beauty

I do love a face mask its the time when I can pamper myself put my feet up and just relax for a moment. I am always on the look out for great skincare and when the Prevage City Smart double action mask (R850)  landed on my desk I knew it would be a winner. The Prevage range is part of Elizabeth Arden and its just one that never fails to impress. The mask is a detox peel off mask that you leave on for a good 20 minutes which means feet up cup of tea and a book while you wait.

We live in a world full of pollution that stresses out and can enter your pores. This mask is super clever its like a liquid magnet. Once you peel away the mask it lifts all the impurities from your skin while instantly resurfacing and enhancing the natural detoxificatyion system too. I love that its super light on application and you will need a relatively thick layer. I first tried a thin layer and it took me a while to get it off as it broke into pieces. After 20 minutes you literally peel the mask off and voila you are left with a glowing, brighter and smoother complexion.


The mask contains powerful ingredients as well as antioxidants and a botanical blend that also includes broccoli. As well as aloe vera juice and and a mushroom extract. All this amazingness helps protect your skin against pollution, reduces pores and exfoliates your skin. Definietly a mask you should use at least twice a week as I aleays like to mix mine up depending on how my skin is feeling.

For me I love to do a mask in the evening so I don’t have to rush the process. Its definitely one that I would use on a model while I am styling hair as its just peel and glow. I love how it smells its definitely got that fresh citrus scent going on which is just gorgeous. Its one that you just keep wanting to smell because its that good. I am not a fan of heavily scented products but this one is just right.

The Prevage City Smart Double Action mask is available in selected Edgars, Foschini and Woolworths stores. Its not a cheap mask by any means but it really is a great investment.

Shahnaz x